How to Get Ready For The Fire of The Fall

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Now, most of us have a favorite season of the year. Some of us love the newness of spring and the April showers that go with it. Some of us can’t wait for those hot summer nights and still others love the cold and beautiful snowy days of winter. Then, there’s that crowd that is dying for hoodies and cool nights, pumpkins and Halloween, and the football and bonfires of the Fall. Below are a few ways you can set your backyard up to be the place to be Fall.


Have you ever gone to a friend’s house or anywhere, for that matter, and found that there just wasn’t enough places for everyone to sit? It’s frustrating, especially after a long day or if you have children in tow. When making plans to entertain for the Fall, make sure you provide plenty of seating. Not everyone owns a camper chair or are young enough to sit out under the stars on a blanket for hours at a time.


Okay…we know it’s going to be in the backyard. Very funny. Where in the backyard, however, is a major part of what determines how comfortable you and your guests are and how often you spend time out here. Wherever you decide to set up your fall fun, whether it be a bonfire, an outdoor fireplace, a grill, or a nice patio with plenty of space, it should be close enough to the house to be convenient, but far enough away to be safe. Keep in mind there are other seasons in the year and other activities that take place in the backyard throughout the year. Your fall fun will need to either be portable or have a section of the backyard that is set aside for only that.


It’s Fall! It’s going to be cooler and sometimes, much cooler. When entertaining outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a heat source of some type. This could come in the form of a fire pit, a fireplace, a campfire, or a bonfire. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire, wearing a hoodie and blue jeans, sipping on your favorite drink, talking with friends, and losing yourself in the dancing flames of a Fall fire.  Always remember to be safe when building any kind of fire. Follow housing codes and watch for fire bans.

Fall is an awesome time of year when the air gets cooler, the leaves change, and we get back in the swing of school and schedules. That down time we spend with our friends is crucial to our daily routine. What better place to spend it than in a Fall Eden in your backyard?