How to Make a Container Tiny House That’s Kid Friendly

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More and more people are opting for tiny houses made out of shipping containers thanks to their low cost and design versatility. But when you think of a tiny house, it may not seem possible to raise a family inside. After all, where will your kids put all their toys, and where will they have space to play? Luckily there are plenty different styles, like the ones from Tiny Heirloom and companies similar, to suit exactly what you need in your tiny house!

So anyway, let’s check out what you can do to create a tiny house suitable for kids made from shipping containers.

  1. Use more than one shipping container

While it is possible to utilise one container for a couple, you will want to give yourself a bit more space by using two or even three together when you have little ones.

Shipping containers can be stacked next to or on top of each other, just like they are when on top of cargo ships. Of course, you’ll need to make cut-outs in the sides to open your space up, and you can even add stairs to create a two-story living space.

The containers don’t need to sit flush together either, as you can join them by using tunnels or covered walkways to create an illusion of space.

  1. Create a large outdoor space

With not much room to run around inside, building your shipping container home on a decent sized section is going to be key to making sure your kids are able to burn off all that energy.

You can also build a lovely balcony or patio area. When you have the doors open to the tiny house it creates a good indoor/outdoor flow and you can keep an eye on the kids from the living room or kitchen.

Having a patio area with a BBQ and seating also means that you can entertain guests in the summer months.

  1. Get creative with storage

Since you won’t have space for a play room and dozens of toys scattered around, getting creative with your storage spaces is going to be key for making a tiny house work with kids.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Use sofa boxes or dining table bench seats that can double as both seating and storage.
  • Find a coffee table that includes storage space.
  • Buy beds that have drawers underneath.
  • Make bunk beds if you have more than one child, so then you can free up some extra floor space.

You’ll need to remind the kids on the importance of tidying up when they have finished playing, but with less clutter it shouldn’t take them too long at all.

Shipping containers offer a lot of versatility for tiny houses

Tiny houses don’t have to be just restricted to couples, as they can quite easily be adapted to cater for the needs of children. Not only are shipping containers cheap to buy, but they can be adapted in many ways to create the space that you need to raise your family. Before you get started though, check with your local laws to find out about building, plumbing and electricity regulations to ensure that your plans can be made a reality.