How to make a fuller home feel bigger

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Gone are the days of quiet mornings and cosy nights in to yourself and now the house is a little fuller and your life is a little more hectic. And while family will always be your most precious possession, sometimes it can get somewhat stressful. With numerous sets of laundry to sort, several meals to prep, cook and pack and a whole lot of feet running around, staying organised and feeling on top of everything can sometimes be a struggle. But by making a change to your space and freshening up your interior you can give your family home a new lease for life and instantly instil a more calm feel even if the octaves are reaching dangerous levels.

Clear the clutter

There’s nothing more easing than having a good clear out. Not only will it clear your space, but it will also clear your mind and reduce stress by a significant amount. We all have things in our home that really don’t need to be there so throw the junk and make room for things that really matter. It can also be a fun activity to do with the kids and get them involved with. Sometimes throwing away a few toys can be just what they need to feel a little more grown up and help them take pride in their space, a skill important for when they start having to look after their own rooms.

Box it up

Keeping things organised will always make a room feel bigger, whether it is the bedroom, bathroom or lounge. A day trip to Ikea for some handy storage cabinets and inventive organisers can be just what you need, and some Swedish meatballs never hurt anyone either. The Scandinavians are known for their clever interior design of making storage a part of the décor so take a few tips from our Nordic neighbours and organise that wardrobe of yours. Not only will it look great, you also won’t be hopping round looking for your other sock just before the school run on a Tuesday morning.

Pot some plants

While ceramic pots and living, breathing plants may not be the best idea with young children running around, you can certainly decorate with a bit of artificial greenery to make your home feel more spacious and airier. Plants are proven to reduce stress and make you feel more at ease, whether they be fake or real, so invest in a few of these horticultural accessories and spruce up your interior.

Get out the hammer

Whether you are moving to shared ownership properties in Kent, looking for houses for sale in Harrow or live in a big city apartment with the Homes for Londoners scheme, you should always take pride in your space even if it means going the whole hog and taring down a few walls. Open plan is always a good way to go and will inevitably increase the value of your home, with its wide appeal and spacious look so consider making this an option if you’re in need of a little more room. Renovation can span from a small project in one room to your entire house and with the help of an expert you can get some amazing ideas to make your home a haven for comfort without the stress of feeling a little claustrophobic.

So, whether you own your own home or you’re still looking for your new nest on, no matter how big your building is, you can turn it into a spacious haven with a few tweaks. And while we all love being close to our family and enjoying the cosiness of living together, competing with the toys, shoes and pets doesn’t always feel as nice.