How to Move Into a New Home in Less Than a Week

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Has it ever happened to you that your landlord came to your door only to tell you that (for whatever reason) you have to move this instant? Whether they are looking to sell the place or rent it to someone else, it is not important – the thing that matters is that you need to pack ALL of your belongings and relocate. We understand that, at first, this will come as a shock, but try to gather your thoughts, make peace with the situation and focus on solving the problem that is ahead of you.

Start making a list

Though this could be quite a challenging endeavor, it is far from an impossible one – all it requires is thoughtful planning. For starters, it is advisable that you make the list of all the things you have to do and refer to it from time to time to ensure you don’ miss a step or two in this hectic process. Also, ensure this list is at your hand’s reach at all times so that you can add things to it as they pop into your mind.

Get in touch with professionals

We understand that sudden relocations don’t come easy on your budget, and hiring a professional moving company is not always an option, but it is definitely a more convenient one. Note that in most cases, professionals expect you to contact them a week in advance, however, if you are lucky enough to be moving off season (that is, any other than summer), there’s a chance you will find available movers. Furthermore, in order to move as many items as possible in the least amount of time, it’s advisable to opt for truck hire services. This way you will not be driving back and forth in your small car, and as a result, you will save gas money.

Get packing supplies

Check out your office or a local supermarket to see whether there are some old cardboard boxes you can take advantage of and save a few bucks on packing supplies. Additionally, you will need a packing tape and a marker to secure the boxes and label them – this way you will unpack quickly and easily once you arrive to your new home. You can even consider using garbage bags; even though they might not be an ideal option, they are certainly the fastest way to pack certain items, for instance cloths, shoes, decorative pieces, etc.  Finally, don’t forget about the paper for the dishes. It will take some time to wrap them all, but it is definitely the safest way to transport fragile items.

Think about utilities

The moment your landlord asks you to move out, discuss the last utility bill and whose responsibility is to pay for it. Some you will have to call and have transferred to a new location, while others will have to be canceled. If you end up moving cross-country, you might even start calling different services to check out their offers and have some things set up prior to your moving in date, like the Internet and cable.

The bottom line is, everything is possible if you are well organized. In some cases, it might be your choice to move and then your time is more flexible; other times you will be required to move faster than you would want to, and this is where all your planning skills come to play. Just don’t allow yourself to panic, but pick up a piece of paper and list your obligations – one by one, you will cross them off and sooner than you think, you will be in your new home, starting a new chapter of your life.

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