How to Plan a DIY Luxurious Stay in Los Angeles

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For many, a trip to Los Angeles is a chance to enter another world. The city is renowned for being home to some of the biggest stars on the planet. What better way to get a taste of what that lifestyle is like than to rent one of the mansions in Los Angeles for yourself?

People of all types find themselves daydreaming about being in a luxury mansion while looking out over the ocean and sipping on champagne. Others seek the refuge of being up in the hills and not leaving their luxury retreat.

Whatever the reason you may be seeking to get a taste of that Los Angeles lifestyle, if you are a DIY, here are some points to consider as you seek out the best mansion for you.

Pick your location

Los Angeles is a huge and sprawled-out city. Traffic jams and eight plus lane highways are notorious in the city. Deciding on which area you want to be in will greatly help increase the efficiency and enjoyment of your stay.

Do you want to have a place overlooking the ocean? Venice Beach has been attracting beachgoers for years and can be a prime location if you are seeking those long, sunset walks along the beach. Or does having a beautiful property tucked up into the hills seem to be more of the retreat you are looking for? Maybe you want to find your dream location and not leave your luxurious digs for the entire time you are there.

Take a look at Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and the other locations around Los Angeles to figure out which area would suit you and your needs best.

Decide how many people will be going

Is this getaway going to be for just yourself and a special someone? Are you looking to take the whole family? Are you looking to use your luxury mansion for a business event? Figure out how many people will be attending and how many beds you will need. This will greatly help you narrow down your search and find the best place possible.

Make a food plan

The majority of these luxury mansions come with state-of-the-art kitchens. What is your vision of a perfect break? Do you want to buy quality food and prepare nice meals for yourself? Or do you want to enjoy eating out more and will your location make that an easy and stress-free option for you?

Some people round out their luxury mansion stay by hiring a cook. If you are going to live it up like the stars during your stay in Los Angeles, why not go all out and hire someone to cook your meals for you?

Other alternatives are utilizing home delivery services from the grocery store. Save yourself all the time and hassle of grocery shopping by opting to shop online and choose home delivery. You could also seek out a service that will deliver fully prepared meals to your home thus giving you the optimum time for rest and relaxation.

Consider hiring a photographer

Depending on your reason is for renting a luxury mansion in Los Angeles is, you may thank yourself for hiring a photographer to document your dreamy escape. If you are going there to live like a star for the time you have rented your choice property, what better way to cherish and relive those moments than by having someone else take pictures for you? Those pictures can be hung on your wall or in your office and you will be able to relive that dream frequently.

If you are there for a family gathering, looking at well-taken photos of all of you enjoying your vacation is sure to spark many conversations starting with, “Remember that time we rented a mansion in Los Angeles….” Since you are all together you can knock out two birds with one stone by getting your family portraits out of the way. Now you are just getting that ‘chore’ done while vacationing in an awesome location.

Can’t afford to buy a luxurious yacht to match your decadent vacation? Why not try renting one for the day from a company such as OnBoat. Plus if you’ve already hired a photographer, you may as well give them something good to photograph. The Pacific Ocean will make a beautiful backdrop for your family portraits!

Don’t overlook last minute deals

Especially if you have been feeling a bit more stressed out than normal, there is no harm in seeing if you can score a last-minute deal on a luxury mansion. That will certainly give you something to talk about when you get back to the office or tell your friends what you got up to over the last week.

One of the best ways to look for last-minute deals is to browse the website regularly. The more you look at the offers the better you will be able to spot a good deal for your needs when it pops up. It’s also always a great idea to sign up for newsletters. Companies will often send out deals ahead of time to preferred clients who have signed up ahead of time so make sure you don’t miss out.

Anyone can plan a trip, family reunion, a girl’s weekend out, business meeting or other event by calling and booking a hotel. But by being a savvy planner who knows how to look for that unique opportunity and create special memories, you will be creating a long lasting and memorable occasion.

If you have never thought about renting a luxury mansion before, consider looking into it. Especially if you are splitting the cost, you might be able to find yourself swimming a lap of luxury for less than you think. If it is a special getaway for just a few people, then what a way to enjoy a bit of well-earned luxury. Either way, you are sure to create a unique memory for years to come.