How to Refresh Your Bathroom’s Atmosphere without Too Much Effort

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When we think of updating a room – regardless of what room it may be – we automatically consider what we would like to see and wonder how much it would cost. It’s a common conundrum; we want the best but don’t want to spend too much for it. The question, then, is how to make the most of a budget – how do we make the biggest impact with limited means available?

Luckily, there are some simple ways to upgrade any room (including the bathroom) without having to dig too deep into your pockets. Ever wonder how to get ‘top bang for your buck’, as the Americans say? Here’s how to refresh your bathroom’s atmosphere without too much effort.

Add some colour

There was a time when the main colour of the bathroom was white or off-white; the intent of the fashion was to present a clean and modern environment – and it had its success for a while. The trend has changed, though, and more and more colours (decidedly more of the earth-tone variety) have entered the picture. Similarly, a splash here and there – bright colours that enliven the place – are making an entrance. Don’t stick with the old-fashioned; do some research and decide how you can liven the place up a bit.

Add fresh features

If your time and your budget allow it, there are some truly substantial things you can do which tend to have a lasting impact for years or decades to come. Updating your basin, for example, may be a little more expensive and may take a little more time to install, but it is sure to upgrade the value of your bathroom and hence, by extension, your home as well. Similarly, a freestanding bath was once considered to be a luxury item, but more and more people are getting it so they can bring the notion of space and its enjoyment into the bathroom. Or how about the vanity? The toilet?

Update storage units

Take a look at your storage cabinets, and see how they can be upgraded, not only to look better, but also to be more practical and save more space.

Go green

Going green means saving money in the long-term. Upgrade the shower head, the lights, the taps, and so on.

There are many things you can do to make your bathroom look more modern and updated than it is now – and there are many things that cost very little. For example, simply adding some more earthy accessories and elements (natural stones) and some plants may transform your bathroom in ways you have never considered before. Figure out the most economical way to make it happen. It’s a fun project, actually. Have fun!