How To Secure Your Home For Summer

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As summer arrives our spirits lift and we all feel a bit more relaxed. We leave windows and doors open to let the sunlight in, and tend to be a little more lack lustre with home security. It’s a shame that we still need to remain on guard, but the reality is, if you want to feel safe and keep your beloved possessions, you need to maintain your home security. Because business is usually booming for burglars in the summer.

It’s also prime time for burglars to take advantage of people going off on holiday, leaving an endless selection of empty houses. It’s worth securing your home and putting measures in place before you go to protect your property. Some people may even hire a local Protection Company to keep an eye on their property while they are away. Here’s how to secure your home for the summer.

Lockdown social media accounts

Criminals can literally track your movements by following your social media profiles. During the summer, they look to see if you post about going away or use social media sites like Instagram or Facebook to check into places, letting them know your house is vacated. Make sure your social media accounts are set to private and don’t post any information that could indicate your house is empty.

Use smart home technology

Thankfully, these days, we have access to a whole host of high-tech security options, making it harder for people to break in. For example, smart door locks allow the control, configuration, and locking of a multipoint door lock using a smartphone via a secure Bluetooth low energy App. Invest in some smart home security in advance of the summer to give you peace of mind. However, if you want to get the job done without causing much havoc, it’s better to call someone who knows what work needs to be done. This could be possible if you contact firms like MZ Electric (read more on

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is not only handy because you can catch intruders in the act, but the mere sight of a video camera can put burglars off. They act as excellent deterrents. If you know you’re going away a lot over the summer, you might want to get security cameras installed.

Shut windows and lock doors when you go out

A bit of an obvious one, but we all forget every now and then. Just be extra vigilant over the summer, because intruders will look for any opportunity to get inside. Have a set routine for leaving your house so that you know you’ve locked and shut everything.

Remember people can still steal while you’re in

Some intruders have no fear, and will try and break into your home whilst you are still in it. So when you’re chilling out in the garden and enjoying a bit of sunbathing, be sure to make sure your house is secured. A burglar could be in and out in a flash.

Secure your house after dark

According to The Home Office, 56% of burglaries take place during the evening, and some of these take place while people are in bed sleeping. So at night, remember to shut bedroom windows, use window locks and lock your front door.

Keep valuable items hidden

When you are enjoying the wonders of summer, it’s easy to leave valuables like iPads and smartphones lying around on your property. Always keep valuables near you or hidden while you are out in the garden. Never leave things like keys or wallets near your front door, because people can easily put hangers and other devices through your letterbox to steal stuff. Don’t leave your car keys in an obvious place both when you go out and when you are in other parts of the house.

Store garden tools and accessories in a locked shed

Expensive tools are an easy steal in the summer, especially when people leave them out on display all around their gardens. If you’ve got pricey garden tools, always keep them in a locked shed, or bring them inside at the end of the day. Don’t risk leaving tools out overnight, even if they are a pain to move around.


If you haven’t got fencing in place already, then you might want to consider getting some just in time for summer. You can then relax in your garden knowing it’ not easy for people to get onto your property, and secure fencing might just put an intruder off.

If you are looking to secure your home over summer, then take a look at our vast selection of home security solutions online today including door locks, digital access locks, security cameras and more.