How to store shoes without destroying them

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Shoes are an important part of our clothing and thus great care should be taken to ensure that they last for a longer time. By properly taking care of shoes we save on money and thus making them wearable for a longer period.

What to do before storing shoes:


This will depend on the type of material used to make the shoe, they are cleaned with a wet cloth by wiping down the dirt.

Preventing Moisture

By stacking the inside of shoes with newspapers, acid-free tissue and cotton will inhibit any accumulation of moisture. It will help remove the dumping inside.


Powders and sprays disinfectants are used to clean shoes thus giving no room for any growth of microorganisms on shoe surfaces. They are also used to remove foot odors inside the stored shoes.


After cleaning shoes they should be dried. Sun drying is effective and it will be done with so much caution to ensure it does not deform the leather.

Tips that will help with either short or long term shoe storage:

Keeping shoes in a regulated environment

Temperature and water vapor factors cause shoe glue to loosen, destroy the fabric, and affect the leather. Therefore a regulated environment free from extremes will remove these factors that may destroy shoes. This is mostly achieved using plastic vacuum boxes for storing shoes.

Use of silica packets and gels in shoes

Using silica packets and gels inside the shoes ensures they absorb the dampness of shoes. Most commonly used in shops and stores which sell shoes.

Having shoes on wooden shoe horns and shoe trees

These are adjustable structures that are fixed inside shoes to ensure that shoes retain their original shape. They do so by stretching the shoe into its proper structure and avoid deforming the shoe shapes as a result of dumping them in a pile.The way shoes are arranged in pockets also determines whether they will maintain their shapes or not.

Having shoes placed in an orderly and retrievable manner suitable for the shoe owner

These can be done using shoe cabinets and racks. Shoe racks offer the perfect organization to your footwear at home and are designed to sort and store all of your shoes. These are brilliant for keeping shoes, saving space, and ensuring the neatness of your home. Shoe organizers are advantageous in that they can be customized according to the users’ specifications and the storage of shoes depends on how often they will be into use.

Shoe storage boxes

They give shoe protection from extremes that destroy shoes and also they give a house a neater appearance. They come with spaces that also allow the storage of socks and shoe polish.

Proper shoe storage ensures that your footwear lasts longer, they are secure and easy accessibility to the right pair. These pros are essential in our daily living as picking a wrong shoe to wear might ruin your day and no one would want that.