Ideas For Planning Tech-Free Family Time

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Today, the world is becoming an increasingly technology-focused place. Everywhere from workplaces to pre-schools now use smart technology, such as tablets, as a part of their everyday activities. It’s the same in many homes as well; a high percentage of family time is now spent using technology is one way or another. Whether it’s watching a movie via Netflix, playing Monopoly via your child’s tablet, or browsing social media, technology has become a major part of family life.

While technology is, for the most part, a good thing, it’s still crucial that as a family you make an effort to have quality family time that’s free from technology. Far too many parents aren’t making time to do this, and it’s a shame because technology is changing the relationships that many families have. Do you want to become one of those families that sit around the table eating dinner glued to their smartphones? No? Then it’s time to act and make some changes.

To help you plan some much-needed family time that is tech-free, below are some tips and ideas to consider.

Set some tech ground rules

If you’re sick and tired of how much technology is being used in your home, now is the time to change that. Start by setting some simple technology ground rules and ensure that everyone sticks to them. For instance, it could be worth implementing a ‘no tech at the table’ rule, which means that mealtimes are always technology free. You could also set time limits for how long each family member can use their smartphone for each day, such as three hours a day at a maximum. You could buy a phone jail to put them in after this time is up or you could download a family time management app that automatically locks them after a set period.

Do arts and crafts as a family

A great way to spend more quality time as a family is to set aside one afternoon a week to do arts and crafts together. It can be especially enjoyable if you have younger children, as younger kids tend to love being creative. From finger painting and collaging to making origami as shown on the Origami Way website, which you will need to check before tech-free time starts, there’s plenty of fun family crafts that you can do. Perhaps each week you could try a different craft as a family, and let a different family member pick the activity each week?

Spend time outside

Set aside three hours over the weekend as outdoor family time. This should be a time when you go out as a family and do something fun that gets you out of the house and away from technology. It could be going for a walk, packing a picnic and heading off to explore, or it could be visiting an attraction like a zoo or open garden. Spending time outside as a family is a great way to spend quality time together, as it gets you out of the house and away from temptation.

If you’re keen to spend more time as a family free from technology, the ideas above should help you to do that.