It’s Bathroom Renovation Time

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Renovating your bathroom is a lengthy, expensive and exhausting process, but once it’s completed, the results are amazing! Turning your bathroom into a modern day sanctuary and giving yourself a chance to experience a new level of comfort is something you can’t really put a price on. However, there’s a ton of things that need to be done before you start smashing your sink with a sledgehammer and just because you’ve decided to renovate a bathroom doesn’t mean you’re ready for it. For example, you might need to have building permits before you’re can even begin thinking about a renovation or remodel. If you’re wondering when the right time for this project is, what some of the things you need to do while preparing for it are and what sorts of challenges you should be ready to face during the process, here are a few answers that might help you.

The right time

Determining the right time for a home renovation project is never easy because the answer is always the same – it’s never the right time because you’ll never have enough money and energy for this. The resources needed for even the simplest project are vast, but if you keep finding excuses and postponing it, you’ll never accomplish anything.

What you need to do is find the courage to make a move and come up with a decision, and then stay motivated until the job’s done. Nobody has a perfect bathroom and the chances are you’ll always find something that needs replacing or remodeling, so you might as well start planning right now. But, what should your first steps be?

The plan

When planning a bathroom renovation project, you have to do a ton of work beforehand – determining the budget, finding the time, detecting hidden problems, hiring a trustworthy contractor and picking new fixtures are just some of the things you need to do before your renovation job starts. All of these require time, patience and precision since renovating a bathroom is neither cheap nor easy, so when doing it, do it right.

Think through every step of the way carefully and be sure to consult a number of people: from your family who can offer valuable suggestions and express their desires regarding the future looks of the bathroom, to your friends who have done something similar lately. Finally, talk to architects, interior designers, contractors and plumbers, and take their input into consideration. Only then should you make the final decision and start working.

Get involved

Once the renovation starts, get involved as much as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t take the hammer right out of your contractor’s hands and run around the bathroom smashing the tiles on your own, but just be present as often as possible. If you’ve managed to find the right contractor and can afford to hire a few additional people as well, you won’t have to do everything on your own, but let them do their job. What you could, nevertheless, do is supervise and consult them, making sure they have everything they need – this doesn’t sound that important, but treating them fairly will definitely bring better results in the end.

Pick the right materials

Another thing you should do is make lots of decisions – “Use these tiles instead of those“, “Install the toilet here instead of there“, “I want the mirror on that wall instead of the other one” are just some of the things you’ll be saying during the renovation. You’ll also be choosing the materials for the contractor to use, and that’s what’s going to determine the looks of your new bathroom.

Opting for natural stone, marble, wood, porcelain and tile might seem a bit expensive at first, but it will be worth it in the long run. The same goes for picking quality and spacious freestanding bath that are going to turn your bathroom into the focal point of your home. Natural materials make all the difference in such a small space and buying quality fixtures will make your bathroom really stand out.

Other considerations

Some of the other things you need to pay attention to before and during bathroom renovation are installing underfloor heating, preserving vintage decorations and finishes, as well as bringing a few plants into this space – they’ll add a touch of nature to it and transform your bathing time into something extra special.