It’s spring cleaning time

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Roll up your sleeves, it’s that time of the year again. Ah yes, spring, when we traditionally get rid of the old and dusty and let the crispy fresh air into our home. There is nothing more liberating than a thorough spring cleaning.

Now in order to make your life a bit easier here are some great tips on how to get the job done without a hitch.

Out with the clutter in with the new

Let’s get decluttering. Starting from your closet, put the winter clothes away and while you are doing that, get rid of everything that is faded and torn up, you don’t need it. And on the plus side it will give you a reason for a shopping trip in the near future. After you have cleared your closet, go on to the living room, get rid of everything that makes the space feel small and crowded. If you are attached to those items put them in a box and store them in the attic or basement, but don’t let your living room suffer from being overcrowded. The one thing that definitely needs replacing are your cushions. A pair of Florence Broadhurst stylish cushions are just what your living room sofa needs to liven up. Exchanging the cushions every year and introducing new color palettes and patterns can inject new, positive energy into your living space.

Scrub like the wind

It wouldn’t be a proper spring cleaning if we didn’t put our backs into it. Kitchen and bathroom are your main scrubbing areas. You’ll need to choose the right cleaning materials and just start getting rid of those pesky grease, lime and rust stains. They are ever present under the cabinets, on the tiles and countertops, and not to mention what awaits us on the bathroom floor. Let’s be honest no matter how often you clean, there is always more to discover, so a detailed rub down is a must when it comes to spring cleaning.

Your appliances might need a onceover

Oh yes, cleaning your appliances is an essential part of any spring cleaning regimen. First thing’s first, get that fridge sparkling. Out with old food, give those shelves a good rubdown, and polish the outside. Next comes the dishwasher, yes it might have a self-cleaning program, but a bit of white vinegar in warm water will do wonders, so make sure you wash it by hand at least once. Don’t forget about you vacuum cleaner. That poor thing gets the worst of it, if you have a water based one, give it a good wash, otherwise replace the bag, take it outside and beat the dust out, and finally replace the filter and give it a good dusting. Now, your appliances are ready for the new season.

Give those windows a wash

How can you expect the sunlight to enter your home if you have dusty and stained windows. Spring is the perfect time to give them a good wash and let the fresh air in at the same time. Start by rubbing down the dirt that rain and snow brought on. Next opt for a vinegar window washing solution, it is guaranteed to leave no streaks and you are bound to have shiny windows through which the spring sunshine can enter your home every day. Don’t forget to take down all the curtains and give them a good wash, they are known dust collectors and no home will feel fresh if the curtains are not properly washed.

There you are all ready to commence with the spring cleaning. There is nothing more liberating than getting rid of the old winter smell and letting the fresh spring air take over your living space. With the bright rays of sunlight and a pleasant smell of a well dusted and clean home what more could you want from this magical season.