Keeping Calm Behind the Wheel: Top Tech Gadgets to Make your Commute Less Stressful

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Accidents happen, especially when inspired by lapses of attention. Where else could your attention be but behind the wheel? On others in the car, the radio, your smartphone, a GPS system. You get the point. However, in the age of tech, you should feel less stressed and calmer behind the wheel. Get these top car gadgets for a near or far commute.

Parrot Mini

Voice activation is a pretty neat innovation. It’s also incredibly convenient and can save lives when implemented in the car. The Parrot integrates with your car’s audio system along with your smartphone. So, there’s no reason to take your hands or eyes off the wheel to take calls, change radio stations, find GPS information, etc.

Road Angel Gem

Sometimes you’re just keeping up with traffic and other times you’re a target for speed traps. Be aware of upcoming speed cameras as well as the speed limit. It’s’ more than a way of evading tickets and speed traps. The database reveals accident blackspots as well as road hazards.


Sometimes you need a pick-me-up to ensure awareness on the road. You could stop at a Starbucks or local cafe. Or, you could have a passenger make you an espresso. Maybe stop the vehicle and make your own. That’s right. The Handpresso is compatible with most coffee pods and allows for one cup of espresso. It’s non-electrical, small, and portable. Why take too long of a break from riding in your Jeep Wrangler? Some conveniences are worth it.

Kensington Proximo

Some inconveniences survive through decades. Losing your belongings never gets old but it does create panic and extreme inconvenience. The Proximo device works with your smartphone and a fob that can be attached to keys or other belongings. If something is lost and paired with the fob, you can track it down via your smartphone.

Front and Back Parking Sensors

Not all people live in an urban environment, featuring parallel parking and tight squeezes. It’s terribly embarrassing, nerve wracking and a recipe for an accident, if you’re not experienced and put in a situation. However, front and back parking sensors alert drivers of other cars and curbs. It also lowers the volume of the radio for less noise distraction.

Safety Controls

Some car models check for human error. For example, how many times to you forget to buckle your seatbelt? The bing-bong noise is kind of annoying, so a voice activated reminder is nice as well as the inability to drive away. Similarly, it’s not uncommon for busy people to forget to put the car in park before shutting off the engine, which is not good for the car. It would be great if the automobile would not shut off until it’s in park.

Car Data Reader

If you’re diligent about caring for your car or if you’re particularly concerned about an upcoming road trip, you could get a data reader that links to your vehicle’s diagnostics. Get updated in real time about the condition of the vehicle and if it’s in top driving condition.