Keeping the Privacy in, Keeping the Light Out

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When it comes to buying or even remodelling a home adding skylights can seem to be the perfect touch. After all, skylights add a beautiful touch of natural lighting. By installing residential skylights into your home, you are adding a modern touch while still keeping an element of comfort within your living space. They even allow for a gorgeous view of the sky during both day and night. Yet, what happens when that natural light seems to be too much? Or maybe you’re trying to watch a movie in the dark and the light is forming a glare on your television. Whatever the case may be, sometimes we need a solution to block out all forms of light. This is where Velux blinds can come in handy.

Custom Colour and Fabric Choice

Velux blinds can match your whole room if you want them to. They come in a variety of colour and fabric options so no matter what design or style you’re going for, the Velux blinds are sure to complement it.

Light Control

While a skylight might seem to be a good idea, there really aren’t many options to block out the light. Finding a store that sells Velux in Newcastle-upon-Tyne means that you can apply these roof blinds to your skylight. These allow you to close up the window when you’re looking for some privacy or just some darkness. They even come in blackout varieties, which can be particularly useful when you’re trying to sleep.

Velux roller blinds can control the light you allow to enter your home while simultaneously preventing the glare of the sun. Velux Solar blinds also offer the same comfort in terms of choosing how much light you allow in while also providing the benefits of solar.

Heat Control

Skylights, because they allow so much light to enter, can additionally allow heat to enter during the summer or for the cool to enter during the winter. When you install Velux blinds, this can reduce the escape of heat during winter and prevent the heat from getting in during the hot summer months. This makes them the perfect element of heat control and they can also help to conserve energy.

Manual or Automatic Designs

Depending on your budget and what you prefer, you can choose either automatic or manual blinds. Those that sell Velux blinds will also help you by supplying the materials necessary for either installation. If automatic blinds are more your style, a remote control is included to be sure that you have the ease of control. Not only does it make it convenient to operate but it also removes the difficulty of reaching a window too high up. If the manual blinds are more your style, a pole to reach windows high up will be included for ease of use and installation.