Keeping Your Family Comfortable This Summer

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Depending on where you live, summer can get pretty warm. You want to stay comfortable and keep your family cool and comfortable. There are plenty of negatives to hot weather, especially when your means of cooling down are compromised.

Too much hot air causing you to sweat and get clogged pores can cause prickly heat (which is a very painful rash that only goes away after some time to the coolness of air conditioning). If you’re not staying well enough hydrated you could get dehydration, which is really bad news. And, you can simply get overheated and even get sun stroke or heat stroke.

If you want to stay cool and do what you can to avoid these issues, drink plenty of water every day and follow these other tips as well.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Working

Get your air conditioner checked out as soon as the weather reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit or more so that you can make sure it’s working properly and get anything fixed that needs to be fixed before those temperatures of 80 plus start to set in on a regular basis.

Central air is a must in homes in areas where temps get above the 90s and stay there for a regular period of time, while a window unit strategically placed in a couple windows of a home can work fine in areas that don’t stay too warm all summer.

Let Fresh Air In

On days when it is a little cooler outside, even if it’s just at night, shut the air off and let some cool natural air in. Air conditioning can sometimes mess with people with allergies even more than the allergens outside. Plus, once spring is over many allergy sufferers will get a little relaxation for sinus attacks.

Use A Fan When You Can

You can also pop a fan in that open window for a little extra comfort on days when it isn’t in the 80s or higher. Aim the fan out to exhaust out the hot air in your home. Then turn it around when it’s even cooler outside to bring in the cool fresh air.

If you have a ceiling fan you want to make sure that you are using it right. You want to be giving yourself cool air, not taking it away. On extra hot days, you can also buy yourself what looks like a silly handheld fan that also squirts water at you for an extra refreshing cool down.

Dress For Comfort

You also want to dress for comfort. If it’s hot out don’t put on jeans and a hoodie. If you have to work and can’t wear shorts and a tank top, make sure to pick clothing that is made from natural fibers and is light in weight. Pick khakis over jeans and a shirt made of some light flowy material instead of something tight and black.