Learn Why Adding a Conservatory is Better than a Standard Extension

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Most homeowners wouldn’t turn down a little extra space, so plenty look into extending outwards by adding another room to the ground floor. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you should strongly consider fitting a conservatory instead, and here are just a few reasons why.

Lower Cost

While adding a conservatory to your home certainly isn’t cheap, you’ll spend a lot less than you would on a full extension. Conservatories can be attached to homes rather than built into them, and their windowed sides and ceiling require far less work than conventional walls and roofs. You’ll also generally find that it’s harder to arrange planning permission, and work is going to take a lot longer when you choose to extend.

Combines Outside and Inside

The problem with an extension is that you lose some of your outside space. In some ways, the same is true when you add a conservatory, but you won’t feel the loss as keenly since conservatories feel like part of your outside space. With windows on all sides but one, a conservatory lets you enjoy the sensation of being outdoors without subjecting you to the pesky British weather, and they often serve as another way out into the garden.

Unique Space

In some cases, you’ll need another room that works far better as part of a standard extension. If you need another bedroom, for example, it’s wiser to extend rather than add a conservatory. However, most homeowners just want a little more space. Conservatories provide that space, but they also provide a more unique living area. With a couple of chairs and a coffee table, a conservatory becomes the ideal place to read a book, talk with the family, or entertain small groups in the evening.

Flexible Design

Conservatories fit into tighter or odder spaces far more easily than conventional extensions. That’s partly because the walls are thinner, but it’s also thanks to the more flexible nature that comes with using multiple panes instead of bricks and mortar. Do you need to fit your added indoor space around existing structures or a small garden? If so, a conservatory will probably work better than an extension.