Live Inspiration for Different Interior Decor Styles

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Just like how something seemingly unrelated like sports broadcasting appears to be over-commercialised, visiting an interior decor showroom appears to have lost the art that went into it. If you were doing up the house, whether anew or if you were perhaps freshening things up according to trends, you would have previously had the problem of not quite knowing how a piece is going to look in your domestic environment, away from the professionally assembled showroom.

That would have perhaps been the least of it though because often you’d just have to contend with a decorative or upholstery piece not quite fitting into your domestic set up the way you imagined it would. Still, those are relatively pleasant problems to have…

Nowadays physical showrooms aren’t even predominantly a thing, seemingly disappearing altogether. The reasons behind that are legitimate enough, such as more of a preference for online shopping over visiting a physical showroom and the subsequent associated costs of maintaining a physical showroom setup.

So fair enough, but the problem that we’re left with then is that of where to go to get interior design inspiration? After all, as much as a picture speaks a thousand words, sometimes a thousand words are not enough… Definitely not when you’re trying to come up with some styling for an environment in which you’re going to spend the bulk of your time. You want the sanctuary to be exactly that – a sanctuary.

Open house viewings

They’ll never catch on to the fact you’re probably not a potential buying customer, but so what? If you’re worried about that then you can go to different open house viewings in different places and perhaps also alternate between real estate agencies…

Otherwise, open house viewings are a great way to get live inspiration for the different interior decor styles you might be contemplating. You’ll likely get some new ideas from a fresh perspective you would have never have considered, inspiring you to go a totally different route to the initially planned one. Sellers usually go all out on the presentation, ensuring you get in on some of the best combinations and presentations of the various styles in existence.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments make for just one of many accommodation types that you can physically visit and spend some time “living” in to see how the interior decor “works” in action. Serviced apartment hosts typically have a web portal over which they go into great detail about the decor style contained throughout their properties, so you inadvertently get an accurate back-story to work with.

You can then subsequently get the live-example equivalent experience of those different styles to bask in and draw some inspiration, from how functional student accommodation is done-up to how you’d do up your living space if you were going for a bit more of a tastefully luxurious look.

Discretion and instinct

At the end of the day, it’s all about applying your own discretion and taking your gut instinct into account, because that’s how your own unique twist to any existing style will shine through.