Maintaining Your Car the DIY Way!

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Modern cars are complex machines, with advanced engines and other parts, and maintenance can be very expensive. However, there are still some things you can do yourself, rather than paying a professional the full rate. These are the simple, yet essential, maintenance checks that ensure your car is roadworthy and safe, and many of them should be carried out on a regular basis for safety’s sake. For example, all the lights on your car will have bulbs that have a finite life; these need to be checked once in a while, as defective brake lights – for example – can lead to a fine.

Tyres are another part of the car that you can keep an eye on yourself. In fact, it is vital you do so, as worn tyres are not only dangerous, but there are legal limits to how much tread you should have, so this is another area that can cost you money if you don’t pay attention. Also, many people overlook the importance of correct tyre pressure: the tyres on your car are designed to run at a certain pressure, and if they are too low or too high, you risk losing grip, and also influencing fuel consumption.

Essential Kit for Car Maintenance

What do you need in your tool kit to enable you to carry out your essential car maintenance? You need a few affordable items that will allow you to carry out the simple jobs. Your car may come with its own tool kit, so you most likely have the spanners and screwdrivers needed. One thing you can buy is a tyre pressure gauge, a simple item that is surprisingly cheap and will help you keep an eye on your pressures. They come in a variety of different types and at a range of prices, and we found a review of the top 10 at a great site called, where you can read reviews of many items that you might need around the house.

It is recommended that you check your tyre pressures weekly – it only takes a few seconds on each tyre – and remember to replace the little plastic cap on the valve, as this keeps dust and other debris away. If you find your pressures are low, your local garage will have an air dispenser where you can quickly top up. The peace of mind you get from knowing that your car is correctly maintained will increase your enjoyment of driving.

Maintaining an Older Car

If you’re one of the many enthusiasts who runs a classic car, you probably have the skills to carry out more detailed maintenance. It is still essential, however, that you don’t overlook things like tyre pressure, as even on vintage cars this can have a definite impact. Check out the website now and see how you can equip your garage, home and garden with everything you need, at great prices, and read excellent reviews of a wide range of products and compare specifications and prices.