Multi-Tasking Dads: Top Apps for Getting Everything Done Every Day

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Modern parenting means plenty of dads are definitely hands-on and very much part of the daily set of tasks that all come with the job of raising a family. Where things can get a bit tricky for plenty of parents is the fact that you are trying to keep on top of your work commitments as well as making sure the kids get everything they need and arrive where they need to be on time.

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Now, is a look at some useful apps that could help multi-tasking dads tick off all the tasks in the most efficient way possible, including how to catch up on events on limited time, an app that helps with business efficiency, and a tip to help save time and money on shipping.

The day’s events in a nutshell

It is always good to keep up to date with news and events but if you are switching between work and parenting, you don’t really have the luxury of spending a few hours browsing the internet to find the stories that interest you.

An app like Pocket might be the solution you are looking for as it lets you store anything you want to view later by putting it in Pocket.

If you have a few minutes to spare between waiting to pick up the kids or commuting, open the app and catch up with stories, videos, podcasts, and downloads, without wasting any time trying to find them again on the internet.

If you are a bit of a sports nut as well as being a dad you will want to keep up to date with how your favorite team is faring, if you can’t get to watch the game. An app like theScore will solve that problem and let you know the score, whatever sport you are into.

If you are fortunate enough to get a ticket for the big game and planning an exciting family day out, this weather app will give you the heads up on how you need to dress and plan for the day, especially if it looks like rain might be heading your way.

Taking care of business

If you are running your own business you will know how important it is to keep on top of your invoicing and track your expenses, but that can be time-consuming and cut into some valuable family time.

A good option for making those tasks easier and quicker to complete would be the Wave app. You can send invoices straight from your phone using the app, as well as tracking expenses and even sorting out the payroll.

The chance to be super organized with your invoicing is reason enough to use an app like this, and it could help ensure you get paid quicker which would be good for business cash flow and the family finances.

Save time and money on shipping

Staying on the subject of running your own business, it is also worth mentioning an app called Shyp, which aims to make getting your shipments picked up and delivered as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Who has the time or even wants to waste time standing in line at your local post office?

Click on the app and you can arrange a pick up at your home address, and they will even wrap it for you if you don’t have the time to get it ready yourself. Shyp compares rates between major carriers and then tells you which one is the cheapest option.

If you use some of these apps to help your day run more smoothly, you will achieve your multitasking goals and give yourself more time with the family.