Outdoor Living at the Comfort of your Home

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Like all else, home improvement is an experience. It can be a daunting one without having a scope of the work that needs to be done. This guide, above all else, should serve as a reminder to always measure twice, cut once. Renovating and improving outdoor living requires careful thought and planning.

When looking for the right equipment for any improvement in the home, it is important to consider the landscape. Taking the approach of Howard Roark, an architect from Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead, it is important to see a house as a person, with purpose, integrity, structure and form. The idea conveyed in this concept is that, it would not make sense to build a patio that is themed to look like a dungeon, when looking for something that provides comfort and relaxation. Everything counts from planning to the finished product, the ideal is to find color, smell, and sight all intertwining into the perfect blend of an experience. This serves the home owner in that, if the owner is stressed and overworked, his patio brings him a means of escape. If the owner likes to let his mind wander, a theme that allows his mind to romp free as a gazelle in the wild would be desired. This leads to the next suggestion to think about.

What is the function of the patio?
Is it to entertain guests? have quiet family dinners or business meetings? These thoughts are well-worth exploring once the decision has been made for renovation. once the function of the new feature being added to the home has been decided on. It is then time to get back down to earth for practical matters.

Themes and Tiling
When looking for a theme to start off with, the overall setting, the background of the “painting” is where the most effort will be put for the desired effect. Tiling plays a large role in this, in that with each type of tile, the mind subconsciously associates the venue with previous experiences. So, if you’ve been going to sites like tilers place because you plan on doing your own tiling for your patio, make sure you know what theme each type of tile conveys. One such example is, if one has to think of a night in Spain, a mind can only wonder towards warm colors, red and yellow and orange, all quietly expressing a silent passion within them that is better felt than described. In this context, the following colors are what will change your patio from being an image of a fire, to the fire itself.

Country rustic tiles: Made from porcelain and durable. The texture of these tiles is made so slippage does not occur, while piecing these types of tiles together results in varying outcomes. Adding a rich, earthly finish to an outdoor living area, each pattern is guaranteed to catch the eye and add to the experience that is your home.

Crate effect tiles: An intriguing tile that has a realistic wooden look. One would be pleasantly mistaken to find that this wooden patio they are walking on has a cool feel on a hot summer’s day. These tiles have a light tine and have the unique ability to bring that light vibrant theme anywhere.

Vintage wood plank tiles: Anti-slip as well, these tiles best accommodate a wooden feel too. Taking the shape of a wooden plank yet, there is no need for varnish or any other additions in maintaining this theme. A wooden look, with all the characteristics of ceramic.

Autumn leaf tiles: Like the name suggests, this tile has a leaf pattern and color that represents autumn. Gold and brown intermingle in this tile’s theme and add to a sense of vastness within the space.

Now that the bases are covered what else is there to add?
Following the form, shaping the outdoor living area still requires finesse. Additions to this include, barbecue stands, fire places, seating areas. the standard, skin and muscle that covers the bones of the patio.

To finally wrap up the entire home improvement theme. Additions now can be focused on being preemptive. A heater, lighting patterns and blankets for colder days. Covers that protect the patio from rain. Perhaps, even a Jacuzzi.