Outdoor Trends: Summer 2017 Edition

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Throughout the years, backyards have evolved from a simple outdoor space to an extension of a home. This is precisely why so much attention is brought to the design of an entire backyard. Not only do you have to think about the choice of furniture, durable upholstery fabrics and chic colours, but also numerous other factors that will help you create a comfortable outdoor setting for your family.

Roof Systems

Having a roof system in the backyard gives you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather or the season. A sudden summer rainfall will never ruin a pleasant night with your friends anymore. What’s more, when the blazing sun starts to shine, you’ll have a perfect shade to protect you from it. Having a roof in the outdoor living space also means that you can bring the stereo outside, as well as many other electronics that would otherwise be risky to leave outside. You could also install ceiling fans, skylights, or some other features that you think will make your stay in the outdoors enjoyable.

Comfortable Furniture

While we used to be satisfied with simple wicker furniture, today investing in comfortable pieces is a priority. Turning your backyard into an outdoor living room is imperative, so ottomans, sofas and cushiony chairs are the most common choice of outdoor furniture. However, unlike your indoor furniture, the outdoor one will be subjected to heavy weather, so it should be covered in durable fabrics. The fabric of an upholstered piece is the most visible sign of quality and style, but it is also likely to show wear and soil, which is why you should always buy from reputable brands like Fabric Traders.Polyester alongside vinyl and nylon are some of the best choices for outdoor furniture. Considering nylon is one of the strongest upholstery fabrics, when blended with other fibres, it’s a great choice. Go for neutral colours and combine them with pastel tones for a trendy outdoor design. For a more edgy decor, feel free to combine turquoise hues with flaming orange and create a modern backyard design.

The Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the one thing that can make or break the entire backyard design. The whole ambience will depend on the way your outdoor area is lit. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the outdoors even at night, upgrade the outdoor lighting system with perfectly positioned LED lights to create a fabulous atmosphere for you,your family, and your friends. Think about hanging a lighting fixture on a tree, or a trellis for illuminating a wide area. Furthermore, if you hang a low-intensity light on a tree, you’ll create the perfect moonlight shadow-like effect.

Kitchen Appliances

Your backyard is not supposed to mimic only the living room area, but the dining one as well. Indulging in delicious food and refreshing drinks makes the entire stay outside worthwhile. That’s why barbecues, bars, pizza ovens and various cooking surfaces have gained popularity so much in the past couple of years. By adding refrigerators, outdoor haters, fire pits, beer taps, ice machines, sinks and cooking surfaces to make all the delicious meals, you’ll create the ultimate outdoor living space that could easily become the next place where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Final Thoughts

What once was just a place for kids to run around and enjoy fresh air, has grown into an area where you can rest, eat, and play as well. Therefore, it’s necessary that you pay special attention to the choice of furniture and lighting. Invest in a good roof system so you can enjoy the outdoors in the sun as well as during the slightly colder weather. The proper lighting is crucial for enjoyable ambience, so be sure to think about that as well, and have the trendy backyard you’ve always dreamed about.