Preventing Electrical Fires: Tips to Avoid Danger

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Protecting your family is paramount for every parent, that’s why you should take extra measures to eliminate the risk of electrical fires in your home, the most obvious way to do this is to call in a professional electrician like the ones from to ensure everything is running smoothly and no wires need replacing. It is important to identify faulty wiring, schedule regular maintenance checks, and eliminate the overuse of electrical power points. If you don’t want to endanger yourself and the lives of your family, here are some tips to prevent domestic electrical fires.

Electrical Inspections and Testing > If you live in an old home, it is important to have your electrical system thoroughly checked to ensure it is working appropriately and doesn’t present any risks. If you are based in the UK and you’re looking for an electrical certificate in Birmingham or any other city in the Midlands, you must hire a skilled electrical contractor who is fully certified to provide electrical testing and system inspections.

Components of your home such as electrical wires have not been designed to last forever, if your premises are several decades old, electrical testing and inspections are probably long overdue. If you’ve aluminum wiring as opposed to copper wiring, you’re relying on an element that is more combustible to carry electrical currents around your home. A professional electrician like the ones in Asbury Electric ( or similar reliable companies in your area can help your home switch to copper wiring and assure better safety.

Faulty Wiring > One of the main causes of electrical fires in UK homes is faulty wiring. You should inspect your electrical wires regularly, if you notice any torn, frayed or worn out wires, you must have them replaced immediately. It is also advisable to have this task carried out by a trained professional, like a company offering EICR inspections, for example, especially when it comes to handling electrical components.

For example, many kids are playing games and browsing through social media sites while their phones are charging. They tend to move around and yank the cord during the process. This constant pulling puts strain on the wire and causes it to tear, this makes the charger highly dangerous. When plugged in during the night, it could easily spark and cause a major fire in your home.

Overworked Sockets > Many homeowners don’t understand that power outlets aren’t designed to service multiple appliances. In some homes you’ll find single electrical sockets with up to 10 different appliances attached feeding off the one power point. Overloading a socket is one of the main causes of electrical fires in homes throughout the UK.

Keep Flammable Material Away > It is fine to use lamps, charge phones and laptops or turn on electrical heaters if you don’t leave them next to flammable material. It only takes a single spark or an appliance to overheat and you’ve got a major electrical fire on your hands.

The first thing to do is to contact a skilled electrical contractor and have them assess your electrical system. If they find any problems, you’ll be notified enabling you to deal with the issue. In the meantime, don’t overload power points, keep flammable items away from devices and check for faulty wiring throughout your home.