School and Career Enrichment: Summer Study Programs for Parents to Consider

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A study abroad program is the adventure of a lifetime for many young people and something that they can carry with them no matter where they end up—taking lessons learned from a different culture, friendships and a new take on academic learning with them.

For some students, however, getting away during the school year might be a bit difficult, a summer study abroad program might be just the right thing. Here’s a look at some options both in and out of the US.

Art History Abroad in Italy

In this program designed for students between 17 and 22 years of age, travelers will get an in-depth look at the birthplace of Western art, Italy. While this program focuses almost exclusively on art history, it can be useful for both beginners and those majoring in this area of study.

Oxford Royale Academy

Specializing in eight different subject areas, students can explore a variety of options catered to their interests in the heart of London. Whether your child is looking toward architecture, computer science or law, this Cambridge summer school offers a rigorous academic program—perfect for US-based students who wish to study abroad, but want to attend classes conducted in English.

Rustic Pathways – Costa Rica

Rustic Pathways offers a number of programs for students looking for something beyond classroom learning. With turtle conservation, leadership or various service trips, teens will learn more about the world, as well as themselves, while building a well-rounded college admissions resume.

University College Dublin

An opportunity to learn about Irish culture and history while building a resume for college, the UCD high school program allows students to live in a campus apartment during their stay and features a mix of workshops, field trips, and social activities.

College of William and Mary

One of the oldest college campuses in the United States, the College of William and Mary hosts students from around the world and features top-notch programs centered on in-depth American history studies from the Revolutionary war up through the American Civil war.  A great choice for high school students thinking of going into history, law or political science.

University of Pennsylvania

Another historic American college, the University of Pennsylvania offers a wide range of programming through six different research academies to 9th-11th graders. Programs are three weeks long and provide a strong focus on Academics.

Northwestern University College Prep Program

Northwestern’s program offers two programs for high schoolers looking to get a leg up in their studies—intensive non-credit seminars focused on an area of interest for the student or college credit summer courses. The benefit of taking the credit courses, is they apply to most undergraduate programs in the US, as well as in other countries.

We’ve barely covered the tip of the iceberg. With so many study abroad programs, the question isn’t whether or student will benefit from studying away from home over the summer, more so, which program is right for their academic goals. It’s a personal decision, but with a little research and planning, your student has so much to gain.