Signs and Symptoms That A Loved One Has An Addiction Problem

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In some situations, it is difficult to tell whether a loved one is struggling with addiction or simply having a hard time.  People do not always see one another on a regular basis, and family life often keeps us busy with other tasks.  An addict struggling with addiction will not usually just come out and ask for help from family.  They typically have to be convinced to seek help.  It can also be challenging to believe that drug use is the cause of a loved one’s strange behavior.

Maybe they show little to no behavioral signs of drug use.  Either way, it helps to be educated on the common signs and symptoms of addiction if ever an issue should arise.  Signing a member of the family into treatment may not be easy, but it is what is best for some people.  Take a moment to read through this brief overview of a few of the best ways to spot a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction.

Mood swings and changes in personality

It is safe to say that most, if not all, addicts are not very happy or satisfied with their present state.  Though a negative personality change does not necessarily mean that a person is an addict, it is a correlating symptom.  

Ongoing or evolved drug abuse typically makes users very moody and angry, especially when they cannot obtain money or drugs.  Family members that appear jubilant and happy one day, and then dark and broody the next may be struggling with addiction.

Problems maintaining healthy relationships

Most addicts are not the best at providing support for others and often emit mixed signals or emotions.  If a family member that otherwise would have very close relationships with family members suddenly begins withdrawing from social situations, they may have more complicated problems.  

It is important that surrounding family members reach out to their struggling loved one to show them that they are always supported and valued.  It is more feasible that an addict would reach out to a close family member when they feel loved and accepted.  

Multiple physical health issues arise

The most tell-tale sign of substance abuse is the inevitable crash following a binge on their drug of choice.  Drug abuse weakens the immune system, but it causes a few more visible issues as well.  Addicts may write their weaken state off as a long night or feeling under the weather, but these can be signs of a more serious issue.

Problems maintaining employment

Individuals who seem to never be able to keep a job for more than a few weeks at a time may be struggling with addiction.  Addicts place their drug of choice ahead of their responsibilities, and the two often collide very quickly.