Stress & Your Immune System: How Are They Linked & What Are the Risks?

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In modern society, there is an unfortunate premium placed on stress. Employers are more likely to reward workers who work late hours than those who return home to spend time with their families. Children wake up for school earlier than their biological programming intends and must complete homework that keeps them working well after school has ended. While complying with society’s expectations often benefits individuals in the short-term, it can have serious impacts on the human body over time, as is seen by the rising needs for cold flu prevention medicine as well as other supplements for health.

The Inverse Relationship Between Stress and Health

While it is generally agreed that some amount of stress is natural and necessary, as your level of stress increases beyond the point that sleep and relaxation can fully recover your body, your immune system’s efficiency will begin to decline. Whereas those who have manged to control their stress (using remedies from a Temescal Wellness dispensary or through therapy) often find their immune system to be stronger.

Although no two people react to stressors in exactly the same way, there are a few clear signs that you or your loved ones’ stress levels have become higher than acceptable:

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Low energy
  • Feeling like it is impossible to relax, even after work has ended
  • Anxiety, resulting in racing thoughts, or muscle clenching
  • Insomnia, including an inability to stay asleep or fall asleep

The human body is incredibly adaptable and can handle extremely high levels of stress for a short time. When stress is allowed to exert a constant influence over long periods, however, it can become chronic, resulting in severe health problems.

Long-Term Risks of High Stress

The World Health Organization recently identified stress as “the health epidemic of the 21st century.” Although researchers are only beginning to understand the effects of chronic mental strain and fatigue, the conditions in which stress has been clearly implicated as a contributing factor include autoimmune diseases, infections, inflammatory disease, heart disease, and many other illnesses. Considering that these conditions constitute many of the leading causes of death for people today, the claim that strain and overexertion in school, workplace, and home settings are an epidemic is far from an overstatement.

What You Can Do

Reducing stress and enabling your body to work properly requires a comprehensive plan of action. Nutrition, sleep, supplementation, mindfulness, and reducing exposure to screens or other nervous system stressors should all be part of your health regimen. If you or your child have been overworked, you should consider pills for stress and anxiety over the counter that can reduce stress without interfering with critical brain functions. Natural supplements such as medical marijuana or CBD often do not carry a risk of extreme side effects, except in rare cases. One of these could help you to avoid unintentionally amplifying extant problems. If you do not have any issues taking remedies like cannabis through a dab rig ( or inside an edible then this could also be a very effective pain relief method. There are many places that stock cannabis products for this reason, so you can easily get these products to ease your anxiety or pain. This is very good because reducing emotional stress can lead to a stronger immune system.

It it important to take elevated levels of stress seriously. By viewing health holistically, you give yourself and your family a better chance of coping with the demands of modern life. In addition to exercise, sleep, meditation, and good lifestyle choices, choosing the right adult or child anxiety medication over the counter can contribute to a happy and healthy life.