Sun and Shade: Using the Elements To Improve Your Home

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Two of the things that make the biggest difference that you can incorporate naturally to improve your home are sun and shade. Some of the aspects of sun and shadow you don’t specifically have control over, but you can bend nature to your will to a degree. With a little bit of creativity, there is all sorts of functionality you can pull from those two ideas.

For a few examples, consider where shade and sun make a difference in your household. You can add shade to your patio. You can figure out how to shade your windows. You can add sun to individual rooms to help with plants growing. And, you can figure out how to use the sun to regulate temperatures in different places of your house.

Shade on Your Patio

If you have a patio area, you know how important it is to be able to allow people to get out of the sun where they’re seated. To do that, you need to add shade to your patio. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. Probably the most common method is to get a broad umbrella that goes over the table. Other ideas include building an entire structure around the patio area, or even potentially planting trees around so that they effectively block the sun.

Sun To Regulate Temperatures

Finally, there are a few ways to get the sun to regulate temperatures overall. Color plays a significant role in heat absorption. If you have rooms that are darker colors, they absorb more heat. Lighter colors reflect heat. So the paint and decorations in each room can make a difference concerning the temperature of the sun. You can also utilize other ideas like shades, Scandic Markiser awnings, trees outside, and any other factors that block or allow sun to get to specific areas of your home.

Shade in Your Windows

Sometimes individual rooms are too bright, too dark, too hot, or too cold. Putting awnings and shades in and around your windows is going to be the ideal solution. Some outside canopies are even collapsible and can change their angle based on what time of day it is. When you get the right combination of shades and blinds, you can regulate all sorts of aspects of specific rooms all year long.

Sun for Plants Growing

Typically, there will be one or two rooms in your house where you keep most of your plants. Depending on what direction the windows are facing in that room, it may be difficult to get direct sunlight. That’s why you can use mirrors to add brightness to a place, and your plants will grow accordingly. You can make beautiful sunrooms with a little bit of creativity, some care with your windows, and mirrors and reflective surfaces in the right places.