Sustainable Garden Renovation – 5 Ways to Make Your Garden Green

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Use recycled aggregates

Many landscape artists love to use aggregates in their designs for their versatility and low maintenance. However, like any other raw material it’s important to make sure your aggregates are responsibly sourced, better yet, recycled. Recycled aggregates can be used for many landscaping projects, from border fill to plant bedding and more. Recycled aggregates can either be by-products of construction processes or created from the demolition of existing structures. They are also a much more cost effective option that raw sourced materials, and so are great if you’re on a tight budget.

Grow Your Own

Once the norm of most suburban households, herb and vegetable gardens are now considered to be fun hobbies rather than an essential food source. But this hobby is a fantastic way to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. By growing tasty veg and delicious herbs in your own back garden, you eliminate the need for unnecessary packaging found on your supermarket veg. You also help to cut down on fuel consumption – supermarket fruit and veg usually has to travel quite a long way before it reaches your plate. Furthermore, veg/herb gardens can make really aesthetically pleasing features. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get growing!

Consider a swimming pond

Not everyone has the budget, the want or the space for a swimming pool in their back garden, but those who do may want to consider installing a swimming pond instead. If you love the idea of cooling down in your own private oasis during the hotter months, but don’t fancy all the maintenance that comes with it, a swimming pond may be the solution for you. Unlike swimming pools, swimming ponds rely on their own, balanced eco system made up of special plants to keep their water clean and clear. There’s no need for the pollution of harsh and harmful chemicals like chlorine. Some may see swimming ponds as a far more aesthetically pleasing option as they look far more natural than a pool.

Help the Bees

These busy little critters are essential for the pollination of our food and plants. Without bees we could quite literally starve! So invite them into your garden to do what they do best by planting the flowers they love. Bees are big fans of lavender, honeysuckle, abelia and many more! You can find out more information on making your garden bee friendly on the friends of the earth website.

Choose sustainable furniture

There are many retailers out there proud to sell sustainable furniture made from recycled materials. Recycled plastic furniture is an excellent option as it has the practicality and wear of plastic without burdening the planet by stripping it of natural resources. If you choose wooden furniture, make sure you are aware of its origin and that is has been stamped with the FSC seal of approval.