The Benefits of Pre-Purchase Inspection

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These days, people are more interested in investing their money on property. Do you know why? It’s because the value of a property regardless if it’s commercial or residential only increases overtime. So if you are aiming to grow your money over the years, you should consider procuring properties.

You have to understand that sellers will always and without fail dress up homes and buildings to make it look appealing to a potential buyer. They would go as far as applying fresh coats of paint to seal cracks and strategically placing pieces of furniture to certain areas in the house just to turn your attention away from the problem area. They also know that most buyers are not very particular about the details. Besides, when a potential buyer tours a home or when they do an ocular survey, it usually only takes up an average of fifteen to thirty minutes tops so there really isn’t enough time to look around.

We’ve heard of horrifying stories where buyers suffered a great deal of financial damage after buying a new home because they skipped getting a pre-purchase building inspection. It turned out, the home they bought had a lot of problems and they had to pay a lot of money to fix it. If you are still having doubts about getting a licensed pre-purchase building inspector read this blog and perhaps it will change your mind.

  1. Building Inspectors Can Detect Exterior and Interior Cracks

Cracks can appear anywhere in your property, sometimes you can find it on the interior or exterior walls or even in the foundation. Usually cracks appear because of poor quality materials used during construction, terrible workmanship or due to wear and tear. There are minor cracks that do not pose major problems and that can be repaired easily but there are also massive cracks that reveal structural damage in your home and if not repaired right away could possibly lead to the collapse of ceilings, walls or the entire building itself. With a building inspector, they can detect visible cracks and identify any signs that could damage the structure of the property.

  1. Building Inspectors Can Detect Water Leaks

The building inspection service will provide you with a thorough report showing you his or her findings during the time of inspection. One of the most common and not to mention very expensive problems to fix is water damage in the property. When fittings and pipes are poorly joined or when leaking water stains are seen on walls and ceilings, it could mean that the property has water damage present. When water damaged is ignored it could weaken the roof, damage the floor and it could become a suitable breeding ground for mould to grow. As it’s probably not something you can fix for yourself, you will need the help and expertise of a Water Damage Contractor. In most cases when visible signs are already present then it means damage has already been done and most of the time they are already extensive and it would take a lot of money to fix it. If you have a building inspector warning you about this beforehand then you will spare yourself from investing in the wrong property.

  1. Building Inspectors Can Identify Faulty Wirings

Faulty and old wirings are a potential fire hazard. If you know nothing about this, it is wise that you hire professional building inspectors. They can tell if the property you are eyeing on has problems with wirings. This problem is usually common among old buildings where the previous owners didn’t take the time to change the wirings. You have to know that the appliances we have now are far different from the appliances before so the wirings differ as well. Rewiring a home will cost you a lot of money. If you hire a building inspector they can tell you if the wirings are compatible with today’s appliances if not, you’re better off.

Purchasing a home or a building can be an exciting time for anyone but before you sign the paper and seal the deal, you have to think about it very carefully. You have to realise that just because a house looks nice doesn’t mean it’s a sound investment. If you want the best value for your money, you should hire a company that specialises in pre-purchase building inspection. If you are planning to hire a building inspector in your area make sure you do your research from a useful source.