The correct way to store logs

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If you have a large stock pile of logs from over the winter and need somewhere to store them in the winter, the best option is to build a log store in your back garden.

You can get a well built one from high-quality timber merchant such as Timbersource, who can make and build you a log store in any size you wish.

Where you actually put your log store has an effect on the timber, place the store in a sheltered place where it won’t be met with prevailing wind and rain.

If your store isn’t built to be raised from the ground, place it upon pallet boards to allow a free flow of air beneath the logs.

Never dump your logs in a heap outside of a log store, they will become damp and therefore be rendered useless. Your logs should also be stacked neatly and tight so that if the top layer gets wet the rest will be protected.

You should also avoid building your log pile beneath a tree, even if you have a purpose built store as water will drip down. Some stores have a slanted roof to help remove any water that may hit the store. In these cases it may be acceptable to place the store beneath a tree.

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