The Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

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There’s a reason why any self-respecting homeowner looking for furniture wouldn’t go to the same supplier or retailer for both their indoor furniture and their garden furniture. Aside from the obvious ones, there are plenty of differences between indoor and outdoor furniture.

Admittedly when you’re just talking about “furniture,” by default you’re referring to that furniture and some upholstery which you’d find inside the house – in your interior spaces. It is those who are fortunate enough to have some outdoor space to speak of who insist on making the distinction because there are indeed some stark differences in that furniture which you’d fill your interior spaces with and that which you use outdoors.


Indoor furniture appears to be more expensive than outdoor furniture, no matter where it is you’d shop around for each of them. Apart from appearance, outdoor furniture generally boasts more functionality than indoor furniture as well as more versatility. For instance, you can place your teak wood table-and-chairs sets on grass or on the patio, to be used as deck furniture, whereas your dining room table would look out of place if placed anywhere else other than in the dining room or dining area.

So why is indoor furniture more expensive then, if it’s purpose-built for one function and for one, specific location inside the house? It’s simply a matter of it being more expensive because that’s what the market dictates. You generally start with the indoors if you’re doing some decor work, so you’d buy indoor furniture first before thinking about the likes of garden furniture.


You can immediately tell an indoor furniture piece apart from one which is purpose-built to withstand the elements of the great outdoors. Indoor furniture has more of a “softer,” chic look to it when compared to the likes of your outdoor loungers, benches, etc. So if you are looking for indoor furniture it may be best to check out websites like Lulu & Georgia to see what you can adorn your home with.


While both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces which are built for something like sitting offer great comfort, indoor furniture is made to appear to be much more comfortable. It usually is, because you likely won’t be sitting on something like a teak garden bench for hours and hours watching television.

Outdoor furniture also offers more functionality. For instance, you can deploy some rounded benches which are known as tree benches around a tree and use those same rounded benches anywhere else in the garden and they’d not look out of place. Not much of the same can be said about pretty much any indoor furniture piece.


Admittedly, indoor furniture generally lasts longer than outdoor furniture, but that really only depends on how you look after and maintain your outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture will definitely require more maintenance than the very little maintenance indoor furniture requires if any at all.

Wood types and varieties

Finally, the wood types and varieties used in indoor versus outdoor furniture vary. Medium strength woods are preferred for outdoor pieces, such as teak wood and that comes with that outdoor, natural feel to blend in with and complement the outdoor environment.

Indoors you’d have the likes of mahogany wood, Kiaat, etc, which highlight a preference for darker varieties that have quite a bit more detail in their appearance.