The Modern Day Skip Company

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Skip hire companies that have been around for a while have seen some very drastic changes in the way that business is conducted within waste management. Once upon a time, pretty much everything collected by all skip hire companies took a direct path from your project, straight to the nearest landfill, where whatever you threw out was compacted and left to rot. The problems with that of course are that much of what we throw out can be very detrimental to the environment, especially electronics, which can contain poisonous materials like lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium, which can find its way into our waterways and contaminate them. Landfills are generally a bad idea, as even food and organic waste, once compacted in an oxygen free environment, and begins to break down anaerobically, creating methane, a greenhouse gas about twenty times worse than carbon dioxide. Methane is also highly flammable and can be very dangerous in concentrations.

Waste Management and the Environment

Skip hire companies were forced to seriously change the way they do business as regulations started to impact how waste was collected, treated and disposed of. While a couple of decades back you could put anything you wanted into a skip and not have to worry about it, today, you will be required to fill out a declaration listing a skips contents, so that special precautions can be taken, in case of anything potentially hazardous, like asbestos. The skip hire company no longer travels from your house to the landfill to dump everything and move on to the next job. Today skip hire companies are at the leading edge of recycling efforts, with many boasting levels in excess of 90% recycling of all materials collected. Some are even higher, with the elite few striving towards a 100% level.

Affordable Rubbish Removal

You might be forgiven for thinking that the extra regulations waste management companies have to comply with would have driven prices up through the roof, but this is in fact not the case. Because such a large amount of material is now recovered, skip hire and other waste management companies have found that your garbage is actually an additional form of revenue for them, which they had previously been throwing away. Much of the additional costs incurred through dealing with waste responsibly, are being recouped through sales of recycled materials. If you are asking yourself which skip companies near me provide the greenest service, asking them about their range of recycled materials available is a good place to start. Your construction project may well end up saving substantial sums sourcing construction materials which have been recycled.

The skip hire industry is very competitively priced, but those nearest to you, with less delivery mileage might offer a slight saving. If you are environmentally minded, then a key factor really in making a decision, should be to ask them about the extent of their recycling programme, and opt for the one with the highest percentage of waste recycled. Reliability is another issue to consider, as projects can be delayed if full skips are not collected on time, or empty ones delivered, so look for a firm with a fleet of vehicles, rather than just one or two.