The Practical Benefits of Timber Frame Houses

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Practicality is obviously going to be a vital concern when you’re picking out the right type of frame for your house, which is just one reason why owners and tradespeople both tend to prefer using timber frames. Here are just a few reasons why timber frames stand out for their practicality.

It’s Easy to Work

You won’t find many metal beams that have been decoratively carved. In contrast, tradesmen have been expertly working timber for millennia. It doesn’t require incredibly expensive tools, and the fact that it’s so light means it can be installed and worked with relatively simple equipment. It can also take different stains to achieve the perfect texture or appearance.

It’s Incredibly Versatile

When you opt for a timber frame, you don’t need to worry about the size and shape of your proposed project. Timber frames can be made to fit almost any conceivable configuration – the same is technically true of metal, but keep in mind that ordering custom metal frames costs a lot of money.

It Offers Quick Build Times

It doesn’t really matter how large or complex the house you’re building is going to be; regardless of the job, you always want it done as quickly as possible, and choosing a timber frame can certainly help. Timber frames can be partly pre-cut and built to your exact dimensions, so it should arrive at your site more or less ready to go. That makes timber-framed buildings a lot faster to erect than buildings made from brick or stone.

It’s Extremely Durable

People have been using timber frames for their buildings for centuries. Guess what? Many of those structures are still standing to this day. Timber frames actually draw tighter as they age, so they can last for centuries if treated right. Few pests found in the United Kingdom pose any risk, and timber can never start to corrode.