Three Ways to Add Storage to a Small Bedroom

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When you’re stuck with a small bedroom, it can sometimes feel a little trapped and constricted as your space is reduced to four small walls, which limits your movements. This guide is sensitive to any struggles you might have in your small bedroom, and therefore aims to offer three pieces of advice to help you make the best use of your space. Here are three space-saving storage tips that will get you out of the squeeze of your small bedroom.

Under-Bed Storage

There is little doubt that the best place to store most of your things is underneath your bed. You may well be surprised by the different options available to you when shopping for Contemporary Beds; these items are both stylish and classy, and they’re built for the practical purpose of storing goods and clothes, as well as simply being a comfortable place to sleep.

Nonetheless, you should still choose wisely for a bed that won’t have you down on your knees every day to fetch your clothes. One of the most exciting storage designs for beds allows you to lift up the plank under the mattress, transforming your bed into a large trunk. It’s a wonderful way to store your clothes in secret.

Simple Shelving

Meanwhile, your room isn’t just about your bed and the clothes that you’ll hopefully be able to store underneath it. It’s also about the other things that you cherish – like photographs, keepsakes, books, ornaments, soft toys, and other sentimental things. These you will want to put on display in your room. The best option here are simple shelves. You can get shelves cut to size for any kind of shelving material you wish to put up, so this should be a fairly simple task. Depending on whether you’re using them for display or storage, you can get different sizes done so you don’t run out of space.

The shelves that you’ll use to make your bedroom more spacious are those which are simply drilled straight into the wall. They are simple to install, and you can affix them anywhere you believe there is space to do so. You can even place them high up in your room – near the ceiling – in order to give you more space in the lower part of your room.

Walk-in Wardrobes

Finally, it’s worth considering making yourself a walk-in wardrobe to help you expand the space that your bedroom has to work with. Sometimes this will involve knocking a wall through, or doing some sneaky DIY to make sure you’re able to have that little bit of extra room to keep your things in. Check with the house’s interior plan to make sure you can do this.

If you cannot make yourself a walk-in wardrobe in the wall of your home, then it’s advisable that you save space by having a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, with a mirrored set of doors in order to give the impression of more space. With the wardrobe taking up only the necessary space to fill with your clothes, this is the best option to free up the rest of your floor space to give the impression of an airy and spacious bedroom.

These three tips can help you curate a comfortable and spacious bedroom in 2020 and beyond.