Tips to sell mobile phones for best resale value

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Are you thinking of selling your old mobile phone because a recently released one has caught your fancy? Indeed, it is regular as once new devices get launched, it becomes hard not to think of them. Additionally, the worth of your old mobile phone falls when new ones are made available. It accordingly becomes essential to sell your old handsets as early as conceivable to get the best resale value. In this article, we show you how you can get sell mobile phones for top cash.

Selling old mobile phones

Most importantly, be informed that you have complete ownership of your handset. With an enormous number of customers paying in installments, you may find that your handset is not yours. That suggests you cannot sell it until you clear all the dues. If you have a deal, you should see it off or pay the termination fee before putting it up for sale. Check with your service provider before you sell your gadget.

When you understand your handset is yours to sell, it is a straightforward process. Most buying websites present you with a couple of questions about your device’s condition and offer a quote. You can accept or reject the deal depending on the amount they are offering. If you are happy with the offer, the buyer will check the condition and make the payment.

Selling old handsets is simple, but tracking down the right buyer to sell can require a ton of effort. There are many buyers online, each offering their worth. Many of these buyers will give you an option to freeze the price for up to a month if the handset matches the portrayed condition. 

Gadgets that are in more horrendous condition than you portray them will not get the worth you quote. So, keep realistic expectations. You can secure the best offer price, but hold off from sending the device until you have the new one with you. While you are looking for buyers, check how long you need to send in your gadget, as the more the time frame, the better.

It is also better to trade with your network provider as it may be helpful. It is about as direct as walking around and giving over the handset. If you have had your gadget long enough that can opt for an upgrade, you will only have to set up another installment plan. It is speedy, and you will not go a second without your handset. The disadvantage, regardless, is that they regularly offer low prices for your old handset.

How to get the best value

As a rule, cell phones are usually more than two years old when they get traded for another model. So, you can check what handsets in that age range sell for various buyers. The prices of cell phones continue to change a lot. If you are looking for an exact worth, you can visit their websites and get a quote by precisely indicating the handset condition.

Essential things to keep in mind

When you sell your cell phone, you should be sure that you have backed-up all the information. If you have your new gadget before you need to send in the previous one, guarantee that you are prepared to restore the data and settings to the new one first. It will help take care of issues if you run into any troubles and need something from your old gadget.

Whenever you get done with the data backup, you can erase all the data. While many buying companies will do that, it is ideal to do so yourself to be sure your data does not fall into the hands of a stranger.