To Vape or Not to Vape: What to Do When Cravings Strike While in Public

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Vaping can be a great way to help you quit smoking: not only are electronic cigarettes considerably safer than using traditional tobacco, there are still many places where vaping is okay even though cigarettes are not, so you can control your cravings.

But vaping is not really 100% cool to do anywhere that you please. There is a certain etiquette that all users of electronic cigarettes should follow to determine when and where they can vape. Here;s a quick guide to that etiquette so you can still enjoy using your electronic cigarette without making others feel uncomfortable.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Sure, most of what you exhale while using an electronic cigarette is harmless water vapor, but there are some establishments that frown upon vaping, just as they do with traditional tobacco.

One of the main reasons an establishment may not allow vaping is because of the smell. One of the advantages of electronic cigarettes is that you can choose from a wide range of flavor additives that give you different vaping experiences (like these from Cuttwood), but others may not want to experience that smell, especially at higher-end restaurants where the smell can interfere with the enjoyment of their food.

There are also places where it’s never okay to vape, such as movie theaters and public transportation. These are considered “no” zones for vapers and you should never use your electronic cigarette in these places.

If you are unsure about vaping in a certain place, just ask an employee or manager and they will tell you their policy.

Don’t Forget Your Social Situation

Again, you can think of your electronic cigarette like a real cigarette: it’s probably best not to use it in social situations where you wouldn’t smoke tobacco.

This means that you should keep your device in your pocket if you are attending a function with children present, or if you are at someone’s house who has children or pets. Also, take care to vape around non-smokers as they may still not enjoy it. Finally, watch out for people who are trying to quit smoking: seeing you vape may make their cravings harder to fight.

Of course, if someone asks you about your device, you can tell them about the benefits and why you like using it. It may help others quit using real tobacco.

Be Courteous

The proper vaping etiquette all boils down to being considerate of others. Don’t assume it’s okay to use your electronic cigarette, and if you are unsure, always ask. If you really want to vape, you can always step outside for a few minutes. Being courteous about your habit will show others that it’s better than smoking real tobacco and may make it easier for others who choose to vape. And if someone asks you not to vape, please respect their wishes.

Vaping can be a great alternative for tobacco users, but there is an etiquette involved that all should follow.