Top Terms You Need To Know For Electric Showers

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If you are considering an electric shower, you’re likely to come across an abundance of terms and features. So, we’ve put this list together to make sure you know what you’re getting!

Phased Shutdown

Electric showers that have phased shutdown continue to run for a couple of seconds after switching off the water, so any hot water is cleared out. This can hep reduce limescale in the showerhead and heater can.


The flow rate from an electric shower usually depends on the kilowatt rating. The higher the rating, the greater the flow of heated water from your shower head.

Temperature Stabilised Showers

The temperature of the water in an electric shower can fluctuate if the water flow is reduced due to a demand for water somewhere else in your home, like when someone turns on another tap. With temperature stablished showers like the Aqualisa electric shower, you can control the water temperature from the shower itself.

If, however, you want a guaranteed constant temperature, you may want to consider a thermostatic electric shower that reacts to chances in supply conditions, ensuring your water remains constant.

Body Jets

These are wall-mounted sprays that are typically installed in multiples.

Low Pressure Indicator

In order for electric showers to operate, minimum water pressure is needed. The amount of pressure depends on the model of the shower and kilowatt rating.

A Built-In

This is a valve that’s installed where the body recesses in the wall.

Cold Storage Cistern

This is a fixed vessel that holds liquid at atmospheric pressure and is used to provide a feed to the vented hot water cylinder. A cistern can even be used to provide a vented cold supply to the terminal fittings.

A Diverter

This is a fitting that’s used to control the direction of water to the different outlets.

The Flow Limiter

This device has moving parts that respond to variable inlet pressures in order to control flow at a constant rate. Flow limiters are divided into two types:

  • Variable – can be adjusted manually to provide different flow rates
  • Fixed – comes in a variety of predetermined flow rate settings 


This electrical component is used in an instantaneous electric shower in order to heat water. 

Fixed Shower Head

This is a fixed-height shower head that sits overhead. 

The Hot Water Cylinder

This is a closed vessel that’s cylindrical in nature and contains water under a pressure greater that atmospheric. 

The Handset

This shower handset consists of a shower head that’s attached to a flexible shower hose. 

Pressure Relief Device

This is a safety device that’s fitted to prevent too much pressure from building up in your electric shower heater. 

The Impeller

This is the inside part of the pump that’s driven by the motor and is used to pressurise water. 

Integrated Power Shower

This is an all-in-one power shower with an integrated shower control and pump that needs a low-pressure cistern to feed a supply of hot and cold water. 

Shower Tower

This is a pre-assembled shower unit with one or more jets that requires just minimal installation. These units are typically wall-mounted and come in a range of options, such as manual or thermostatic mixing, flexible hand showers, fixed overheads and so on.

Now that you know the features of an electric shower, go to your nearest store and grab one for your bathroom now.