Versatile and Affordable EPDM Roofing Solutions

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Paying attention to both the condition and the effectiveness of your roof is essential whether you run a business or own a home, and oftentimes this means having your roof refurbished or replaced.

It can also mean taking the necessary steps to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible, and whether you are repairing or taking proactive measures, you have a lot of options to choose from. Those with flat roofs or lightly slanting roofs can benefit especially from the installation of EPDM roofing.

What Is EPDM?

Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer, or EPDM, is a rubber-based roofing material often installed as a replacement roof, simpler repairs, or over existing roofing material as added protection. EPDM most frequently comes as a liquid or in a roll to be applied with additional adhesives.

For years, the product has been utilised by both business and homeowners as a cost-effective solution that’s also extremely effective against inclement weather conditions. EPDM usually comes in white or black, which differ slightly. White EPDM is intended to be more reflective and therefore energy-efficient, though particularly only on cooler days.

EPDM rubber material has been used in all kinds of things, for various professions that go beyond roofing such as the HVAC, automotive, industrial industries.


EPDM rolls are extremely simple to install and only require a handful of basic material that can all be ordered in a single kit. These will contain everything you need to properly install your EPDM roof and reap the many benefits. These materials include the EPDM rubber membrane, adhesives for both the roof deck and membrane, cutting and cornering tools for edges and corners, all of the necessary DIY equipment, and a comprehensive installation guide.

You can also order the membrane itself so that the dimensions are specific to the area you need covered, which for most roofs means receiving a single roll. This makes the installation process that much easier as well as ensure a limited amount of waste.

Uses and Benefits of EPDM

EPDM can typically be applied to any roofing deck or on top of any existing roofing material, though depending on the existing material, additional adhesives or primers may be necessary.

EPDM roofing has an extremely solid reputation, and people often note how well it holds up against certain weather conditions. EPDM is both water-resistant and fire-resistant and given that it can often be applied in a single roll, there are no seams, meaning there is nowhere to leak from. Additionally, any damages that may come of the roof are typically easy to repair.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, it may be wise to obtain both the membrane and the adhesive from the same place.