Wedding Etiquette for Kids That You Should Be Aware About

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Weddings have all those unwritten rules that you need to follow. No one will tell you that you are excpected to do something, but you need to do it. Yes, this sounds pretty weird. There is no other way to deal with this, except asking older members of the family or searching on the internet. Kids are not always welcomed on weddings, and you know it. But as soon as you recieve an invite, lots of questions start going through your mind. Should you take your kids with you? What should they wear? Are flower girl dresses a must? We have all of these answered for you.

Should You Take Your Kids To A Wedding?

This is one tricky question. But, as soon as you receive the wedding invite you will know. The choice whether to include kids or not depends on the couple. First, they will make a decision about this one and reflect it on the invites.

It is their wedding and they have the right to choose. Leaving kids at home is not so bad after all. The couple indeed has good intentions. They probably want to spend good time with you, without you having to look after the kids. And this is good for kids too, as they can not be awake until late.

According to the etiquette, it should be somehow stated on the invites. It is considered rude to say “don’t bring children” , but you can encounter phrases such as “adults only”. This means that you should leave your kids at home. Or, the invites are adressed to Mr and Mrs. If the envelope is adresses to the family name then this includes the kids as well. For example, “Mr. and Mrs Smith” , or “Smith family”. You can clearly see the difference.

How To Dress Your Children

You are free to dress your children as you like. Cute dresses for girls, and suits for boys are standard. However, pick the clothes that your child feels most comfortable in. Kids do not like uncomfortable clothes and get irritated easily. If they have a special role on the wedding, they need to be properly dresses.

If the bride picks your girl as a flower girl, then you need to pick a special dress. Her task wil be to walk down the aisle and spread flowers. The costs for the attire are on the side of the parents. But, do not worry as you can find some cheap flower girl dresses that look fantastic.

Boys can be chosen to be the ring bearers. They will come down the aisle after the bridesmaids or flower girl, carrying a pillow with the rings. You can dress the boy according to the groomsmen.