What is Involved in Building a House?

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Building a house is a long-term project. It requires knowledge, if not knowledge, where to seek it. It begins with finding a plot, designing the house, and then ends with its final construction. Each stage is as important as the one before it. Thankfully, there are companies online who can help, such as House Plan Shop, who, with minimal input from yourself, can help design your house for you.

What are the Costs Involved?

It is widely known that a self-build can mean that you can acquire a home cheaper than if you were buying an existing one. This is partly because, after purchasing a plot of land, you can work on parts of the construction yourself to so save on labour costs. If you buy your materials in bulk, because building a house requires a lot of materials, you can often obtain discounts in the same way that building companies do. Thankfully too, if you are in America, there is no land tax to pay.

On average, it will cost $311,650 to build a house. That is averaging it costing between $163,186 and £483,868 to build. You can think of this as an average of $100 to $200 per square foot. The more luxurious homes will cost more than this. There will always be that balance between luxury and affordability to strike, but a saving in general can be made by self-building.

What if I am not that Good with Drawing and Design when it comes to drawing up House Plans?

Specialists in house design, technical drawing, and 3-D computer graphics are on hand to help with design and show you how your house could look in an appealing setting or, from an inside viewpoint. Companies skilled in designing houses will not only be able to show you what space and facilities you can expect from a house both externally and internally, but also draw up house plans which will aid its approval and final construction. A house plan will cover aspects of a potential house including foundations, exterior elevations, building sections, floor dimensions, and designs in relation to the roof’s construction.

As a rule of thumb, approximately 5 to 8 sets of the house plan will be required in the process. You and your contractor will need a blueprint. So will sub-contractors, building departments, and mortgage lenders. In addition, the building inspector will want to see your plans. This brings home the fact that your house plan will need to be professionally presented and have borne in mind all the current regulations, for your house to be approved and allowed to be fully built.

What Materials are Required?

Wood has wonderful properties for housebuilding. It possesses high tensile strength (which relates to the strength needed to break it), and it is lightweight, yet can support itself.

Plastic can be moulded into a variety of shapes to fit the home, as well as being heat resistant and immune to damage from water.

Glass can be used to great effect to enhance an outdoor view. You will, of course, need to balance its use against privacy and security.

Metal, particularly aluminium, is used a lot in house construction. It is weatherproof, fire resistant, resilient, and flexible.

Cement provides strength to a housing construction.

Bricks, being moulded out of clay, can be made to varying sizes. Then used in various patterns.

Concrete is strong and versatile for use in many home structures.

There is an article available online that talks about constructing high quality homes. It is useful to consider this in conjunction with what materials should be favoured when constructing a house.

There are many factors to consider when house building, but having said that, there are plenty of professionals out there to make the process easier and more cost-effective for the non-builder. It is well worth seeking out companies like House Plan Shop who offer a full design service, so that your new house starts off on a good footing.