When Are Heat Pumps Most Efficient?

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Heat pumps are very efficient and effective when the climate is moderately cold or hot. It is the advance mechanism of collecting heat or cold from outside that makes it a lot more efficient than an air conditioner or heat furnace.  And unlike others, heat pumps use electricity as a mode of energy source to move heat from a cool area to make the place warmer. Fundamentally there are three types of Heat Pumps: Air to Air, water source and geothermal. They are air-to-air pumps that are most typically found.

The latest and advanced heat pumps can cut your electricity bills by approximately 50% over furnace or baseboard heaters. Earlier the traditional pumps have not been very active in a very frigid region. Since the latest advancement in technology, the heat pumps are an excellent choice and all-encompassing attributes to generate sufficient heat in colder areas.

However, it is the temperature gap between the heat demand and the heat source that allows pumps to be very efficient. The efficiency of pumps is scaled in COP (Coefficient of performance), and it generates three units of COP from every unit of electricity used. In addition to it, the other factor that can be considered to determine the efficiency SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) which gives an evaluation of total heat generated from total electricity consumption across varied weather conditions. The heat pumps must have at least 2.5 SPF value in order to be efficient.

To get SPF or COP of four units, you need to have a very substantially insulated house. In case, if your house is very likely insulated, you have to overhaul insulation problems and upgrade your living place. Installation of more insulations minimizes the heat loss and the amount of heat required. In turn, the pumps consume less energy.

In some variations of heat pumps, Variable-speed or dual-speed motors are integrated into outdoor or indoor units or both. The variable speed blower keeps the air movement at a consistent rate, therefore minimizing cold draft and increasing electric usage.

One best thing in the latest heat pumps is scroll compressor. It has two spiral scrolls, one of which is still and the other one moves around it. As a result, it increases the pressure in the refrigerant. In comparison to piston compressors, scroll compressors have a far better and longer life and are quieter than them. It is also reported that heat pumps with scroll compressors can provide 10 degrees to 15-degree Fahrenheit warmer air compared to pumps with pistons. Nevertheless, Heat pumps are different in operation than others, meet more than 90% of your heating demand with typically range anywhere in between 200 to 300% of efficiency since they can generate the same amount of heat from less energy consumption.

How to find the best one?

Every heat-pump has energy guide label, which tells the heating and cooling performance rating helps you to compare with other makes and models. Heating efficiency is indicated by HSPF (The heating season performance factor). During summer, it let us know how much total space heating is required. Cooling efficiency is shown by SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio), and it shows the total heat removed from conditioned space during winter.