When to choose frameless windows for your home

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Modern style is constantly involving with different trends coming and going; however the mainstay of frameless windows could be the perfect way to keep your home and its features stylish and popular for years to come.

Frameless windows have a variety of benefits however they are not suitable for all types of builds so knowing when to install them is critical.

Whether you are looking to give your home a facelift or have a few windows in your home that are in need of replacing, knowing whether to opt for a framed or frameless window could be the difference between a design that rocks and one that falls flat on its face. Keep reading to find out when to go for a framed or frameless window.

Frameless Windows in Homes with Modern Design

With the recent surge in demand for environmentally sustainable housing many different building materials and techniques are being used in construction. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these then maintaining them with energy efficient windows will be the key to keeping them environmentally and energy efficient.

The modern sleek design of frameless windows means they will be a fantastic match to modern homes. For those looking to keep their energy bills down whilst also saving the environment frameless windows could offer a fantastic solution. Not only will the windows let in more natural light but if coupled with great energy efficient ratings they can help you save money and heating in a two pronged attack.

When to Opt for Traditional Framed Windows

Despite the style of frameless windows it has to be said that they do not suit every type of home. Traditional Victorian builds would benefit more from well-maintained frame windows. Maintaining the aesthetic of traditional homes whilst keeping them up to date with modern instalments will help you to maintain the value of your home.

The use of timber casements on traditional homes is difficult to replicate with modern materials and unfortunately these small casings are often typical on Victorian and Georgian period homes. One benefit of having framed windows are the increased options you have in regards to the different types of casement window options available.

Additionally the layout of a home will also factor into whether you go for a framed or frameless window. If you are in a larger home then large frameless windows will help you to create an open space with lots of natural lighting. As Victorian terraced houses tend to be narrower in contrast to modern detached properties traditional framed windows will likely be the better option.

Find the right brand for your installation

Finding the right style of window for your home is crucial whether you are looking for windows for a new build or are simply maintaining your traditional home. When you have decided which style of window you are looking for you must find a reputable supplier to install them with precision. The experts at the Salisbury Glass Centre will ensure your project is completed with quality materials and a quality service.