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Fires can make a lovely addition to any home, not just for heat but also for style. If you are thinking of adding a fireplace to a room, check out the pros and cons of the most popular types.

Gas Fires

Everyone is familiar with one of these, that often-unattractive box-like fixture on the wall that every grandparent had in their home. Times have changed, however, and gas fires are now much more stylish. They are reasonable in price and are easy to use and clean. They remain extremely popular with homeowners who want to be energy efficient whilst recreating the look and feel of a real open fire.

Electric fires

These are the easiest option and often the cheapest, so great for anyone on a budget. All electric fires can simply be plugged in for a low-fuss and stylish heating option.

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves will offer considerable heat if used correctly and make any house feel really cosy. While they are fairly simple to use, you will need a ready supply of suitable wood to hand and somewhere to store it. They also require some cleaning and maintenance, so need a little more attention than the types mentioned above.

Open fires

There is nothing quite like an open fire with a stone mantelpiece. They add instant heat and look stunning, quickly becoming an attractive focal point to your room. You do need to consider that they can be messy and hard to keep going if you don’t have experience with one. You will also need to ensure you have your chimney professionally swept by a chimney sweep regularly, as failing to do so can cause issues and in extreme cases, chimney fires.