Why Home HVAC Maintenance Is Crucial

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Most homeowners take for granted how important their home’s HVAC system is until it’s out of service, especially during the summer and winter months. Few people think beyond adjusting the temperature on their thermostat or changing the inlet filter every so often. You can also contact a professional such as Dr. Rescue to help with any issues that may come up mechanically.

A dirty or poorly-maintained system is more prone to inefficiency and breaking down, which can cost thousands if you have to call a professional. The quality of air will be awful, which can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory ailments. Less efficiency means your unit will have to run harder to make up for the loss; this will affect the life of the unit and your paycheck negatively.

Let’s look at exactly why this maintenance is crucial in maintaining a proper, affordable home.

Preventative Checks and Maintenance

It’s important to set some time aside at least once a quarter to go over your HVAC system or have it checked by a professional. If you’re the DIY type, you may be able to save a lot by performing basic procedures yourself. Resources are available at Allthingshvac.com for the hands-on homeowner. It may seem unnecessary to waste time checking over your unit if it is in good working order, but a small amount of time invested can save you big in potential costs.

Breakdowns Can Be a Nightmare

Almost everyone has had an HVAC emergency at least once in their life: they can be miserable and often come at the worst times. Breakdowns can range from the cheap and simple replacement of a common part, to complete unit replacement. Thankfully, a lot of disastrous faults can be prevented with a yearly checkup done by a competent HVAC professional. Sub-optimal performance may be indicative of an issue that can be fixed before it causes costly problems down the road.

Clean System, Clean Air

Humidity during the spring and summer can accelerate mold growth inside ducts, which can cause allergies to flare. Neglected duct-work can circulate dust, pollen, and gunk throughout your home. To maintain the air quality in the home requires a little work; change air filters once a month, have your HVAC system inspected for mold and contaminants by a professional, and have your system cleaned if needed. For air ducts, you could get in touch with duct specialists, like the team at Ductz (https://www.ductz.com/southeast-michigan/) to come and do this particular job. However. an air conditioner alone may not be enough to circulate the air around the house properly. Air circulation or air movement is possible better with the help of an Air Handler; you can source it from HVAC Warehouse or similar heating and cooling system manufacturers.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

When your HVAC system has to work harder than it should, it not only costs more money to run but it can wear down the mechanical parts of the system. Poorly lubricated and misaligned parts can cause friction; this leads to overheating, grinding, and eventually failure. Regular preventative checkups can prevent premature wear and extend the life of your machinery to the fullest.

Safety First

An improperly maintained furnace or AC unit can be a danger. Fuel-burning systems can sometimes develop cracks, allowing deadly carbon monoxide to enter the air supply. Electrical systems are not free from peril either: a short circuit or loose wire can cause heat or sparks that lead to a fire. This is why you must protect your home through the use of periodic maintenance.

A well-maintained HVAC system will serve you well for many years. You can keep your unit running efficiently with regular checkups, potentially saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs. You rely on your furnace, AC, or heater – so take good care of them!