Why is Teak Wood So Expensive?

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When people think about teak they immediately associate it with type of quality they’d like to have in their furniture, their decking, and even some wood finishing for yachts. Anyone who has purchased teak wood, however, would know that in this instance, quality appears to come at a cost.

So why is teak wood so expensive?

One of the main reasons why teak wood is so expensive is because of its properties which put it in high demand. Its durability is unmatched and it’s also very water resistant, pest resistant and is resistant to rotting as well. If there’s any shrinkage that occurs, it’s only minor and the wood isn’t prone to corrosion. Most importantly the teak wood is very beautiful. It has a naturally beautiful look with a hint of a silvery grey hue.

Another reason why teak wood appears to be so expensive is because of where it comes from. Originally teak wood is associated with Myanmar as a source, and if you know any history of the country which is formerly known as Burma, you will know to expect quite a bit of politics around the economics of shipping wood all the way from that part of the world to anywhere else where the teak wood can be used in the manufacturing of furniture.

There are many changes which have occurred in the development trajectory of Myanmar as a country and that in itself has also increased the cost of the famous teakwood which is great for use in outdoor furniture. Increased government regulations have contributed to a sharp decline in logging. While that might be viewed as a good thing, for the purposes of this discussion what it simply means that there is less of a supply while demand at the very least stays the same.

More realistically though demand has probably increased, as more and more people seek to finish that outdoor garden and their decking with teak outdoor furniture.

In the not-too-distant past companies had the ability to export logs as is, but that has since been banned. Only processed lumber can be exported illegally now, which would be great for the local market in which the teak wood is produced, but what that means is that end-user consumers can only buy a more refined product which naturally makes it more expensive.

While it definitely won’t come cheap, teak outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be as expensive as what it’s made out to be. If you can source your teak wood furniture from the right supplier, such as a specialist teak outdoor furniture retailer, you get all the benefits of supply chain deals which were put in place long before any major government regulations around the exporting of teak wood could account for any disruptions in the pricing model.

So simply put, one should get a specialist supplier who deals exclusively in teak wood garden furniture pieces, whether that would be bespoke pieces or production designs. What you’ll find if you go to a specialist teak wood furniture supplier is that their prices are not too far above the prices you’d pay for the importation of processed, unfinished teak lumber.