Why It’s Easier To Raise a Family In The Suburbs

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Raising a family is no easy task.  Not only do you have to think about yourself but everyone in your household as a whole.  The costs can be overwhelming when you put together the entire picture.  Everything from medical expenses, education, to even basic needs like clothing and food.

It’s in every family’s best interest to try and save as much as they can where they can.  Therefore, knowing where to cut expenses is key to keeping up with costs.

One of the biggest costs when it comes to raising a family is providing a place to live for them.  However the cost and quality of life are important to balance.  Therefore, when it comes to where is best, the suburbs are definitely the right option.  Here’s why.

Housing Costs

When you try to buy property in the city you’re going to be looking at 3 to 4 times the amount that you would pay in an outlying suburb.  Depending on which city you live in, you will find that you can find something as little as 5 minutes outside of the city limits for a significant drop in price than you would pay in the big city.

In addition to the costs being higher, you will rarely find the same size of a place to live as you would in the suburbs.  Having a family with small children means that you ideally want to have a place for them to be able to run around.  Suburbs are known for the properties having yards rather than small decks or no outdoor space at all.

Less Crime

Statistically, most crime occurs in big cities rather than the suburbs.  The city is where the most crime infested areas are.  When you have a family you don’t want to be worrying about these kinds of things.

Therefore living in a suburb which has things like neighborhood watch and neighbors who look out for each other can be the ideal living situation when it comes to safety for your family.

Less Traffic

When you live in the city sometimes you have to deal with traffic just to go around the corner to the store.  Traffic is part of city life.  Some people spend hours a day in traffic going distances which would have under normal circumstances only take 10 minutes.

Suburbs have much less traffic and you will spend less of your life sitting in your car.

More Community

Suburbs tend to place a lot of value in a community setting.  You will find a lot of family restaurants, civic clubs, and likely get to know your neighbors better.

The city can still have a sense of community, however with the city comes the busy hustle and bustle.  Whereas the suburbs are more slowed down and people take more time to get to know each other.