Why Neutral Colours are Ideal for Home Décor

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To many, neutral colour schemes are dull and boring, but little do people realise that neutral colours are actually the best colours to use throughout your home. Interior design is all about creating a space that makes you feel comfortable, positive and settled, focusing on your personal style and tastes. Neutral colour schemes are perfect for creating a warm, welcoming base, that you can then nurture with brighter colours to suit your personal style. Here is a number of different reasons as to why neutral colours are a must in any home décor.

They Never Get Old

When people make rash decisions to paint their living room walls in bright green, or the bedroom in a sharp, fuchsia colour, it’s never going to go down well. Whilst you may love your choice of colour to begin with, you’ll start to realise that the bold colour choice wasn’t actually a good one. Brighter colours are proved to keep the mind active and alert, which isn’t ideal when you want to relax and chill out! With neutral colours, you can never get bored of them. The moment the beige wall starts to look dull or boring, you can instantly spruce it up with some artwork.

Create a Sense of Space

It’s proven that dark colours can often make a room feel smaller than it actually is, which isn’t ideal. Neutral colours instantly create a sense of space and help to lift the overall atmosphere in the room. With neutral colours, the natural and artificial lighting within the room is able to bounce off the surfaces and this helps to create the sense of space. You can also control which areas of the room you want to enhance by keeping the light flow stronger in that particular area, which will also help to make the room feel larger and spacious.

Easy to Complement

When you start to introduce furniture and other details to your interiors, you often find that neutral colour schemes are very accommodating. It’s very easy to introduce an oak sideboard or a stylish glass dining table to the room and not have the colours clashing or looking out of place. Neutral colours are really easily complemented and also help to complement other colours and materials introduce too.

They Enhance Materials

The moment you add a bold, stylish item to a room you want it to stand out and look good. Whether you’re creating a focal point or simply want a bold feature, it’s easier to incorporate them into a room with a neutral colour scheme. Adding a pearl white bath to a room with a neutral colour scheme will work really well, as the neutral colours will enhance the bright pearly white material. If you’re working with darker colours, you often find that they drown out the materials you introduce, which can have a negative effect on the atmosphere within the room.

Positive Influence

Studies show that neutral colours such as white, beige, grey and brown are all beneficial factors to a positive attitude. When you enter a room made up of neutral colours you are able to feel relaxed, calm and comfortable. Introducing brighter colours such a red, green or blue can create a negative attitude. You want to focus on colours that help to create a positive, warm atmosphere to make your home feel as comforting as possible.