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Oak is a durable, strong hardwood with a beautiful grain. It is a luxury timber because of its colour, versatility and working properties. Because of its ease of use and natural beauty, oak is a very popular timber and is on the higher end of the spectrum in regard to price.

So, what could you use as an alternative?

West African Idigbo timber is a pale yellow to light brown timber, with a straight grain. Idigbo timber has excellent utility for many purposes such as its excellent strength, workability and medium weight.

How are they similar?

  • West African Idigbo is yellow to light brown in colour. In comparison to Oak, Idigbo is more yellow toned whereas Oak is slightly browner. However, applying a stain to Idigbo could enhance the brown tones in the timber making its appearance more like Oak
  • West African Idigbo works easily with most hand and machine tools. However, with Oak, the workability and machining properties vary with mild to tough material which can either machine easily or with moderate difficulty
  • Idigbo timber turns well and has fairly good nail and screw holding properties and will take glue well. Oak however also takes nails and screws well and can be glued satisfactory
  • Both timbers have excellent strength properties
  • Both timbers can be used for joinery interior, furniture, joinery exterior, flooring, and decking

How are they different?

  • Idigbo is more cost effective than Oak and is a medium-priced timber
  • Idigbo has a medium density whilst Oak has a high density
  • Idigbo is moderately durable whilst Oak is highly durable. However, Idigbo is still used externally

So, there you have it! Idigbo can be used as an alternative to Oak because of its colour, workability and strength. And it’s a more cost-effective option which will save you money on your next project!

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