You’d Be Amazed At The Difference A Clean Home Makes

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Cleaning your home may not be your most favorite job of the month, week, or day, but it’s something you really should do on a regular basis. Not only does it simply make your home look nice, but it also helps you get rid of allergens and more. It’s making your home a healthier environment for all who enter.

There are some things you should clean on a daily basis, but most of the following tips are things you can do a little less often. You should be vacuuming your home at least once a week, maybe more often if you have pets. But, the following items can be done once a month, and sometimes once a year. 

Clean The Windows

Windows are a part of your home that you can clean whenever they look like they need to be cleaned. This may only be something you do once every few months, but it needs to be done. You may clean the insides more than the outsides, but you need to do both.

You don’t even need a power washer to wash the outsides of your home’s windows. Get a kit at your local home improvement store that has a telescoping scrubber that can be changed to a squeegee head, and you’re all set. You may also want to consider getting them professionally done.

Wash The Walls 

Even if you’re a fairly clean person, have no pets or kids, and never let anyone smoke in your home, you should wash the walls in your home at least once a year.You’ll be amazed at all the gunk that comes off. You also may want to consider washing the kitchen walls a little more often to keep that icky grease from sticking around too long. 

Move Furniture And Appliances 

You probably don’t move all of your furniture and appliances around every time you sweep or vacuum. That means you’re missing a lot of dirt and pet dander and other things when you’re cleaning. At least once a month you should move these bigger items out of the way and clean under and behind them to make sure that you’re giving your home the best cleaning possible. It will give you a cleaner home and some cleaner air to breath. 


One of the things you’ll be cleaning up behind all those things you move is dust. However, dust isn’t just behind and under things. If you suffer from allergies of any kind you need to be dusting often, and that means dusting all surfaces, high and low, in your home.

Use a dusting spray that helps dust cling when you wipe it up with a cloth. Dust shelving, dust tops of higher items (like dressers and your refrigerator, and don’t forget fans and light fixtures.