Your Home Workshop: Top Tools and Modern Musts for Every DIY Project

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You saved and planned. Now it’s time to execute and assemble tools for your home workshop. Specialists pursue tools aligned with particular trades but many require must-have tools despite their one or more hobbies. DIY projects demand the best tools available. Here’s what you want in your workshop.

Quick Measure

DIY projects require precision. As the saying goes, “Measure twice and cut once.” A range of tools helps carpenters and architects measure down to smallest increments. A tape measure should relate to the project at hand. A landscaper measuring the distance of a lawn requires a different model than a carpenter who needs to measure close angles. Lastly, a laser beam level makes it very easy to visualize if something is centered.

Varied Blows

It’s uncommon to sort through a DIY workshop that doesn’t have at least one kind of hammer. Like the tape measure, the type of hammer depends on the project. A heavier hammer addresses longer and wider nails and can be useful in some demolition projects. However, smaller projects that require much precision are executed well using deadblow hammers, often relied upon for carpentry. This type does not bounce back after striking an object. Rubber mallets, used when working with softer woods, can be used to make adjustments.

Power Drill

As experienced craftsmen know, a ‘power’ drill is a relative term. The biggest hindrance to drilling is the cord. But the direct-to-outlet design allows for greater power and torque. There’s no questioning the need for a drill. The exact model depends on whether you want something that’s cordless, if it has general and additional attachments, and the amount of power it delivers. Most smaller DIY projects can be handled by a cordless.

Convenient Funnels

DIY projects overlap into the auto mechanic realm, depending on one’s background or bravery. For example, you can save hundreds per year by changing your own oil. You can save thousands with extensive knowledge of cars yet a range of heavy duty to lightweight funnels help with small needs associated with car oil, windshield wash, steering fluid, etc. RS Online has a variety of funnels in stock.

Range of Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches have a thread that opens and closes depending on your need. However, you sacrifice a bit of torque when using one or risk damaging the tool. That’s why most have a wrench set that has tools of all increments, so you can find that exact one to address a small bolt or grip a broader piece of machinery. Box wrenches feature another design which allows for an easier reach in some cases. Lastly, combo wrenches feature both box and traditional heads.

Reciprocating Saw

You’ll need a range of cutting devices and machines depending on your hobby and work. However, reciprocating saws are a must-have due to the range of ability. Cut through wood, plastic, and metal. Like most tools, you can get a basic reciprocating saw that is handheld, but somewhat weak, or something more powerful and better suited for demolition work.